Sunday, 30 November 2014

When i tried to be a coward.

  'Five assignments on the very first day of my college, 20 days left for a mock test in my institute, outing plans from my two close friends whom I can't refuse and a job interview in a major MNC in two days.' This was the reason of my hibernation in my hostel room. I decided not to come out for a few weeks. Inspite of a busy work schedule I decided to leave my fate in the hands of destiny. 'Fortune favors the brave' I thought before taking the brave decision.
  Four days have passed and I hadn't seen sunlight. I locked myself in my room, sleeping, eating and reading. I had faith in my luck as it would never go against me. Even in the past I cleared my schooling with an above average percentage of 90s by reading only FAQs. I cracked my foundation exam by preparing for only a few weeks( It was a multiple choice paper and I was lucky that most answers I ticked were right). I hadn't bathed and grew a thick beard. If anyone saw me know they would say I was someone depressed in love or just another unemployed guy with nothing to do, but yet I had faith in my fate.
  The realization stuck me only when I was reading the final book of the sequal and the character who was portrayed as a villain in all the book turned put to be a good guy. He lost his parents, his love, and pretended to be a bad guy just so he could protect a boy. A child of the lady he loved. And on the way he was used, mistreated, misunderstood, attacked, and had to join forces whose aim was to killed the very child and yet till the death he protected the boy. Ok these problems were nothing compared to mine. And this was a series which I was fanatic about and followed everything in it which seemed good. I realized i wasn't being brave but a coward. Thus Severus Snape, a well groomed smart looking guy thought me a lesson.
  The very next day I had a bath shaved and decided to face everything without a complaint. I got selected in the interview (they even said I looked smart). It took me a few days but finally I completed all my assignments and stepped into the college (though I completely ignored the scolding I think I heard a teacher labelling me smart). I fixed a date and met all my old friends (they said I stink! Maybe that's the reason we were friends). At the end I decided not to leave my fate on my destiny and to step out and be my best with that well groomed face.

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A Missed Opportunity

  Leaving out the fact that my aunt and cousins were leaving for their home town today, it was just another boring day of my schedule. I really doubt if people who bath daily, shave very often, apply oil, powder, cream and all the cosmetics made for a man, feel comfortable. Make-ups and cosmetics were for ladies right? And here I was, bathing once in two days, not knowing what cosmetics are and beard grown like a baboon, but extremely comfortable.
  I had to wake up soon today as my aunt was leaving for her home town and I had to drive them to the station. And as usual I just got dressed and went out without a shave ( No one's coming to see me!). It was this my aunts two year old daughter I loved so much, and seeing the fact that she never cried when I held her, I can very well say she liked me too. There is one great thing about kids, they think the grown ups as a big life sized walking teddy bear they could play with. If they get fond of them they would play, laugh and cuddle with them.
  On the station I was looking forward to hold her just one final time. But as soon as i looked at her she started crying. And she never again looked at me. The train departed, an opportunity gone! It was then I realized that being rejected by a baby is lot worse that being rejected by a girl (who needs a hairy scary teddy bear). It was then I made a vow, to groom myself properly and shave on a regular basis so that next year when she returns, she does not have to say #WillYouShave and could get back her playful teddy bear again.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Free Shopping Fiesta

I'm known for this very bad habit of doing things at the deadline. Similar thing happened here. Blogadda along with Quikr announced 'Free Shopping Fiesta' as a Diwali special contest and I applied for this after almost 3 weeks. I thought the deadline was long gone and contest might have ended but then I saw the ad was still flashing on the website so I decided to give it a try. After 2 days I got a confirmation mail that I was.selected and to assist me properly I got a call from Blogadda saying Contest is well open but all I had is 4 days! (Ok so I had to get out of my bed within 4 days!). They explained me that I had to buy something worth 5000 Rs from and write blog about my experience with it and send them within 4 days. Given the less time and my lazy nature I wouldn’t have done it but as Blogadda extended the deadline only for a few selected participants I decided to go on.
The very next moment I started the whole process by downloading the Quikr mobile app. I was looking for a suitable second hand mobile of good condition as a birthday gift for my friend. At first place I was going to gift him a JBL headset but this opportunity was too good to let go. So then started a mobile phone hunt.
(What? I think a second hand mobile phone is a better gift than what he gave on my birthday! A shirt which he later wore twice -_-).
My searching process was made a lot easy by filter option on the site. Unlike other sites it had a much customized filter options. So I selected the category mobile phones, added my budget, and selected a few well known brands. The website also gives you a overview of what is on sale in popular colleges, so I added a few localities and my college and was ready for a long search mission.
I did not have luxury of time so I had to shortlist a few phones soon. Officials from Blogadda were kind enough to remind me that the time was running out. I contacted a few dealers for the purpose of details, bargaining (my birth right), and delivery. Few refused to deliver and a few I refused to buy. I contacted people of my college, my locality, my nearby localities but in vain. I enhanced my search by adding a few more areas which falls on my way to college. This is what i searched


So after contacting a  few  people I bumped into this guy named Shubham. And what I learnt after contacting him was that he was selling his 2 months old ‘almost new’ Celkon smart phone for 5200. And luckily this guy lived in an area falling on my way to college. So to check the condition of the phone I decided to meet him the next day.

Luckily it did not rain the following day and he called me up to his place. The guy seemed very helpful as he volunteered to pick me from bus stand (Selfies in the middle of a busy main road can be embarrassing). The phone he showed did justice to the description he gave me. It was almost new, Celkon a105+. 5 inch screen, 8mp camera; latest Android, all in all it was a good steal. As he mentioned in the ad ‘price negotiable’ , I did my duty of a true Indian and bargained him to 5000 by stating him that this was the limit allowed to me(ok, but I came right to his doorsteps so he had to do something in return). He was overwhelmed when I mentioned him about the contest and stated that I need to take a picture with him. As he lived alone we had took a selfie (he made me delete first 4 photos before finalizing a good one).  He offered me hot coffee and gave me a lift till the bus stand.


At home I did a full scale R&D on the phone by making a few calls, checking the camera, screen etc, etc. Product checked and no defect found! Sofinally a good looking, good working phone was in my hand, courtesy Blogadda and Quikr. In total the experience was a good one as Blogadda allowed me to participate even after the deadline was over. They ensured the if everything was ok by sending regular mails and making a few calls. And I do hope many such contests come up in future. And regarding the phone it is all set to go into my cupboard for a few days (but first let me take a selfie)  and then out to be packed in a fresh gift wrap and finally to the hands of the new owner of the phone on 3 December. And after all the searching, waiting and travelling hope he likes it. (No doubt he will it’s a 7k phone and lot better than his old nokia E5). 

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Book Review- God Is A Gamer

  There is a first time for everything, the same goes here, it is the first time i'm reading a Bitcoin novel, it's for the first time i'm reading 
Ravi Subramanian(Though heard a lot about him in the past) and it's for the first time i'm reviewing a book!!!

Book Name:- God Is A Gamer 
Author:- Ravi Subramaniyan
Genre:- Thriller 
Publisher:- Penguin Books India

About the Author
  Ravi Subramanian is an award winning author. He has written bestsellers like 'The Bankster' and 'The Incredible Banker'. He is alumnus of IIM and a banker by profession. He has almost 2 decades of experience with companies like HSBC, Citibank, ANZ Grindlays.

  First impression is the best impression and in this case it was awesome. Thank you Blogadda for the autographed copy!

Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be
and when the first few chapters takes you to New York,
Goa, Washington, Mumbai you know the journey is
going to be thrilling.

  U.S. Senator Gillian Tan is murdered in a bomb blast
of very rare manner. Special agent Scott and Tony are
appointed to look into the matter.
  Swami, the retail head of NYIB, India gets a complaint
from his neighbor that she had lost her money in an
email fraud, but when Swami looked into the problem
he found himself facing the biggest phishing scam in
the history of Indian banking.
  Josh has an appointment fixed with an old man. And
when the meeting between them is concluded Josh is
set to carry out a large scale heist in New York.
  Aditya made all necessary arrangement to launch his
latest game "Townsville" which would boost
Indiscape's reputation in the Gaming market, but then
he gets a call. His long lost son is back.
  God is a gamer is about a world of revenge,
anonymity, power and hunger for 'Bitcoins'.
The story starts with different scenarios in different
parts of the world but eventually ends in a single room. 
Each chapter ends with an inquisitive cliff-hanger
tempting the readers to read that one more chapter. 
  Where it's a story about work-dedicated 
Aditya, Sundeep and Swami who works hard and honestly to earn money, it's also a story about Josh doing all the illegal business to earn those precious virtual money. Where it's a story about a loving couple of Varun and Tanya it's also about Malvika and her affairs. This is a novel which is bound to grip you.
  "The world's first bitcoin novel", with the tag comes a
novelty, giving the readers a lot of information of things
about which they might be unaware of (Googling side
by side can be great fun). And as said before every
chapter ends with a suspense which keeps the readers
gripped till the end.

  Ending not so happy! There comes a point when
reader expects a good stretch and pages starts
thinning. There is an abrupt end and all the secrets are
revealed in a few pages. Other than that it's a finely
crafted book.

Do I Recommend? 
Why not,Go for it! You get your moneys worth just by reading a few chapters of the book! So a real steal here!

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My lines on "By Lines"

It all started when I received an email from some random guy named Anmol Rawat, it said
" We are in the same team guys :) BA will announce the
character tomorrow on which we have to write." It took me a while to realize that the mails I was receiving that night were from my team mates for the competition "Game Of Blogs" for which I signed up a few days ago. After exchanging our numbers via emails we made a group in whatsapp and it was there we held our mini election and selected Anmol as our leader. Then after a big discussion and thousands of suggestions we finally decided to name our whatsapp group as "By Lines"
Then started a process of texts, posts, arguments, suggestions, opppsitions, fights, jokes, etc, etc, etc. We knew our "Alien Idea" was not a bad gamble when we reached the top 10 of the table by the end of the first round and jumped to second position in the second round. And who made it possible? These guys!

Anmol- Captain of our team! Our story starts and ends with him, literally! A perfect all-rounder I would call him! Though Deepika Padukone distracted him with HNY trailers he did write his chapters and improved chapters of others by his finishing touches! The reasons I would not write anything negative about him are-
• Even he wrote everything positive about me.
• He knows my password!!
• There is nothing negative about him.!
He was the one to post all my posts in my blog with all the necessary links and additions and made by blog look 'blog like'. He along with a three other members of the team laid the foundation of the story (Or call them 4 pillars) and also took responsibility in writing in absence of other members. Kudos!

Preethi- The "Wise"- captain of our team and the first teammate with whom i interacted. Our outline and research expert and one of the four grand masters of our team. Nothing was posted untill the post was sent to her and she scanned everything with her sharp eyes. She has kid to take care of, she wrote many crucial chapters, edited everyones chapter, did a good amount of research and yet was most active team member in our group! Hats off!! And the reason she was most valuable to us? She had seen aliens!

Paresh- Busy bee of our team. Paresh and I had much in common! We both were students, followed cricket madly, and were busy watching Champions League when others were busy writing and editing. On what I've found out about is he'd rather date Dhoni or Yuvraj instead of following movie stars!

Tina- Another busy element of the team. Her most common reply was, "Sorry guys I was travelling." Yet one of the major contributors of the team and one of the Furious four. She was a person who will agree with everything and go with the flow. Such is her passion for Hrithik that if one could get a rupee everytime one mentions 'Hrithik' she would be a billionaire real soon.

Soumyaa- Ok, don't kill me after reading this but at the beginning I thought you were a Boy! The final member of out research time and the fourth pillar. Nothing stopped her from contributing for the team even when the evil aliens organized Garba nights to distract her, she wrote during the nights! Deadline was not a problem for her as she did her posts much in advance.

Prerna- Founder of "Panda Entertainment" and our whatsapp group! Not much info about her but one thing is for sure all the team members envy her for her acquintance with people in Bollywood! Especially Deepika Padukone! She is the captain's favorite player because of her promise that, "If we get our book published, I'm calling Deepika for book launch."!

Ramanathan- The man from my home town Chennai! And I can guarantee that he's a friendly guy because he's a DGian! The most experienced man in our team! We were sure that he would be a great asset to the team when he posted in the first round. But due to some commitments he was unable to continue the rest of the journey! (Aliens behind this too!)

There were many things which I learnt by being a part of this team. Ok I'll list out a few-
• My phone does not support docx. files (Loved torturing my team members for this). And I fixed that thing in a couple of weeks.
• My net speed is awesome! I never knew 2g internet could go smoothly untill I did a 5 hours continuos research on "Anunnakis" which involved browsing, Streaming, downloading videos and what not!
• I could write! Though the only original one by me was the one written by me in round 3 which had a word count of around 1000 (I was the most surprised one)
• We are slaves!! ( Those who did not understand this point read our story!!)

P.S.- This post might contain a few typos because it wasn't edited by Anmol and Preethi!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 23

Chapter XXIII

“Great Master, you can make yourself visible to the human in the room. He is a friend,” said Cyrus and Aryan remembered that Peacekeepers became visible to humans only if they so intended.

Cyrus moved a little back as if allowing someone to take the space in front of him and then the panel slid closed again. A turquoise blue light appeared out of nowhere and formed a human silhouette, slowly it formed human features and then the skin tone changed to one similar to that of Cyrus. The Great Master was tall, well built but had a matured body compared to Cyrus. His eyes had a unique glow and the sharp nose with deep-set eyes gave him an unearthly look.

Aryan could not believe his eyes. Till now, he had only seen such things in the movies. Although, he had been used to a lot of stuff lately, seeing this live transformation seemed nothing more than a miracle. He could not help but wonder why he chose a matured body if he could be as young as he wanted to.

“Greetings Master!” Cyrus said, in a humble voice bowing down his head. “You have no idea how pleased I am to see you here,” he added. Aryan as if in a trance proceeded with the same gesture following Cyrus.

“Greetings Omega, the Master of Peace Keepers,” he responded. His voiced seemed more mature than Cyrus and it gave birth to an unusual aura of positivity around them.

The Great Master turned his gaze towards Aryan who was already awestruck by his persona. He breached his mind to know more about Aryan.

“Since when did you start taking help from the greedy kind?” he asked Cyrus after reading his mind for a few seconds.

Cyrus could see that Aryan was a bit offended by the remark.

“Great Master, you were away and out from our reach for more than three decades. Over these years, we have seen enormous changes in the planet. There have been developments that can cause the destruction of this planet,” Cyrus said.

“What more can we expect from a race that is keen on killing themselves?” He remarked before holding Cyrus’s gaze. He quickly browsed through all the memories that Cyrus had for the past three decades. All the destructions, the wars, the exploitation of the natural resources, the extinction of organisms from the food web and the depletion of ozone layer went live in his mind’s eye as the Great Master read them. The visuals did not affect him and he remained calm. Like the other peacekeepers, he was immune to emotions.

“It was expected,” he said and then focused on the more recent events. He learnt about Shekhar and his book. He then shifted his vision on Tara. Even though Cyrus had tried his best to keep that memory in the hidden corner of his mind, he was not able to hide anything from the Great Master. At that point, the Great Master’s eyebrows narrowed and Cyrus went numb. He said nothing in that regard. Thankfully.
He shifted towards visuals of Roohi and Aryan and understood how it all was related. 
Aryan was still rooted to the same place. All of this appeared to be a dream. Just a few days ago, he had been trying to receive ET signals on his machine and now he was standing amidst two ETs. Real ones.

“Like I said already; it was expected,” The Great Master began, “While I was busy in my mediation all these years, I was also seeking for an answer. An answer that would prove to be a cure for the danger that was omnipresent. You might be relieved to hear that I have found a solution. I know how to counter the situation and how to keep the gray aliens from invading this planet. I know how to grant this race another chance so they can repent for what they have done and probably improve,” he spoke loudly as though he wanted Aryan to hear that specifically.

The news was no less than a shock for both Aryan and Cyrus. Cyrus wanted to know the truth without delaying a moment but he could not risk invading the mind of The Great Master. No one had been able to so far and that was why he had become respected as the Great Master. But even the conflict in his mind was read by The Great Master and he gestured towards them to sit and listen to his triumphant discovery.

“CFC or the Chlorofluorocarbon was invented by the human race in 1928. Simultaneously there had been a UFO sighting. The gray aliens through a successful suicide mission had transferred the knowledge of creating the CFCs that would eventually eat away the ozone layer that was a danger to them to the humans. The scrolls were planted in the hands of the scientists and the grays perished. It was purported as necessary for the industrial growth. As expected, the greedy race started using it extensively without caring for the consequences. By the time the humans realized the danger the CFCs posed to the Ozone layer, the damage was done. The gray aliens rejoiced.”

“But…,” Aryan was about say something when The Great Master waved his hand. He had read Aryan’s mind and the question was not important. Aryan went silent.

“While I was away from you, and doing my meditation, I released an astral projection of mine and sent it to travel the world. After years of research, when that astral projection assimilated into my body again, I gained knowledge about the ultimate and the only way to stop the invasion. You would not believe but it is something invented by the gray aliens themselves.”

Both Cyrus and Aryan leaned nearer to hear more about the revelation.

They were eager to hear more, like two children listening to a intriguing bed time story by their Grandma. But they decided not to intervene.

After taking a deep breath, The great master continued, “Let me take you to the ancient times. History tells us that the anunnakis were believed to dwell in Mesopotamia, the place where the Sumerian civilization had flourished. Sumerians worshipped anunnakis as their gods. They were also believed to be the keepers of the secrets of the anunnakis. While searching through the sacred undergrounds of modern day Iraq, my projection could find nothing other than the buried monuments and some peculiar stones. Some clues led the research to Egypt. The reason was the great amount of gold buried beneath the African lands.”

“But what was special about Egypt in the whole of Africa?” Cyrus and Aryan asked unanimously, voicing their doubts.

“I had heard about some enchanted minerals that were used by the Pharaos to make them stronger both mentally and physically. The coded inscription inside the hidden walls of the pyramids gave away the name - Galladium.”

Both Cyrus and Aryan let out a sigh. The eyes of the Great Master had a mischievous twinkle.

“They used the powdered form of Galladium with their breads. However, my astral projection failed to discover the extraction of the mineral. So I decided to travel to Egypt myself. I reached Egypt and researched on the inscriptions and symbols. After visiting a few ancient sites and pyramids, I realized that the extraction process was hidden in the inscriptions not as a standalone but in unison. A cult society was responsible for the inscription and they decided to hide the secret spread in several locations. It took me years to decipher the actual process.”

“So you mean you have found a way to extract Galladium?” Cyrus asked.

“Yes and I have succeeded in extracting the necessary amount that would be helpful in the current situation,” said the Great Master with an enigmatic smile.

Cyrus’s mind was still racing with questions but Aryan’s face lit up with a smile that was capable of erasing all the fears that had been running riot in his mind.

There indeed seemed to be a way out of the mess.

Read the next chapter here.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 13

Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 13

Chapter XIII

Tara sank completely inside the bathtub and after what felt like a minute, raised her head out of the water. The cold water had miraculously revitalized her senses. She recalled the incidents that had happened. How Shekhar had apologized to her was a reminder of the unconditional love her husband had always showered upon her. He was grateful to find a man who could love so much. But at the other hand, he had also doubted on her, even if it was for a moment. This was a first after their marriage. He had immense trust in her and she was extremely happy about the fact.

“What has changed now?” she thought. “Why did Shekhar behave like that? Who was this Cyrus and what had he done to her happy family? Why did he say I know him? What did he want me to remember?”

The swarm of questions had left her confused. She submerged her head again in the water. From the top, she looked lifeless. Her skin was glistening with the reflections of bathroom lights inside the water. She recollected how she had felt jealous about the fact that Jennifer and Shekhar were present in the same room without anyone else, behind closed doors. A feeble smile crawled up her face. Probably Shekhar had felt the same when he found her with Cyrus. After hearing the conversation of Shekhar and Jennifer, she was sure of one thing - Jennifer had come with a purpose. Cyrus had a blog that talked something about extra-terrestrial. That stuff was way beyond her knowledge and she kept a decent distance between science and her. Their neighbor Aryan Ahuja had also been mentioned in the conversation. “What link did he have with Cyrus? Will he be able to tell something they did not know about Cyrus already?”

She wanted the answers to all of her questions immediately. Sadly that was not possible. She opened her eyes inside the clear water and brought her head up gasping for breath. It felt like she was under the water since forever. She had never been able to hold her breath for so long. The moment the air gushed inside her lungs, she felt relieved. She came out of the bath tub and stood naked in front of the life size mirror they had installed in their bathroom. “Am I really forgetting something?” she thought while admiring her beauty in the mirror. Even after all these years, she had hardly aged. She was sure, she could still sway the young guys with her beauty. Breaking her thought cloud, she wrapped a towel on her body and headed out of the room. She did not want to miss any action that was going downstairs. After all, she needed the answers as well.


It was not difficult to divert Roohi from the movie. Jennifer gave her a chocolate and she was happy to let go of the laptop but only after being promised that she will be allowed to finish the movie on the next day. What they did not know was that Roohi had read the emergency of the issue they were dealing with in Jennifer’s mind. The fact that she could not do that every time and especially with her father annoyed her. Thankfully Jenny was not in the circle of ‘Mute People’. This was a basic nomenclature she had gone through as she grew up. For her, there were two kinds of people - Mute People and Loud People. If she could read anybody’s thoughts, she marked him/her as the loud people for their thoughts are so loud that she could hear them as clearly as if they were talking to her. The circle of loud people had been proportional to her growing up so far. She was just hoping that she could read her dad soon as well.

Jennifer tucked Roohi in her bed and kissed her forehead before wishing good night. Roohi blew her a kiss with her lips spreading ear to ear. Roohi was fond of Jennifer. Her thought were always glad and positive and that’s the reason she admired her.

Jennifer came back and sat with Shekhar who was smiling without a reason.

“What?” she gestured.


“Tell me!”

“I think you will make a wonderful mother.”

“Jeez! Please don’t start again,” she said rolling her eyes. “Can we focus on the Aryan now?”

“Oh yes!” he said turning all serious instantly.

Jennifer launched another window in her laptop and started with her errands. It only took her a few seconds as the profile that was linked to the comments was an authentic profile and not a fake one. She was glad that a lot of her efforts were saved. But then it was clear that the person was not trying to safeguard himself from anybody. He was a genuine person who was just interacting on a blog. The way Shekhar was shocked had made her assume things otherwise. He clicked open her picture and turned the laptop towards Shekhar who was busy with his thought again.

He looked at the screen and appeared shocked again. “What is it Shekhar?” she asked.

“Aryan Ahuja is our Neighbor,” he replied. 

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 2

Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 2

Chapter II

"Come in," said Tara in her ever so welcoming voice.

"Ma'am, Sir sent these files for you. Call me ben you need else." said Ramu, the peon in her office. Tara smiled at his innocence and took the files from his hands. "When, Ramu, WHEN. The sound you make when you mold your lips in a whistling way. WH." She flashed her red lipstick stained lips in a whistling manner and enacted the lip movements for him, for the 10th time that month.

"Okay ma'am, ben. I will take care". She nodded her head disapprovingly and stamped her heels on the ground but decided not to poke him any further.

She opened the file and found a note inside it stating the details of her new project. She had to get an interview arranged with a superstar, a project she had been excited for months together. Shekhar had always been amused at the rate Tara was progressing in her professional life and he never failed to acknowledge that fact. Whenever she got a new project, it had to be Shekhar's chance of cooking the dinner. Not that he was a great cook, but Tara liked being pampered in some small ways, and who knew that better than Shekhar. Tara remembered how after her receiving the appointment letter, she had first called Shekhar up. She remembered the excitement in his voice everytime she received a promotion letter. Her beauty had always attracted men to her but she couldn't bare her soul open to anyone but Shekhar. She silently thanked God for everything she could ever ask for, a loving husband, a beautiful daughter and an ever-rising career graph.

A phone call disturbed her thoughts. She put the file aside and picked up the phone.

The voice at the other end sounded familiar to her. She did not have the contact saved in her new smartphone but she recalled him the moment she heard his voice. It was the voice of Aditya, a family friend who had not been in much contact off lately. Work kept everyone busy and even she felt guilty of not trying to initiate any conversation in the past year.

“Hi Aditya”

“Hey Tara. I’m surprised you recognized my voice. I called Shekhar but he is not picking up his phone.”

Aditya was a family friend. They had spent a lot of time together but with time and struggling through the mean career demands, they had been out of touch for almost a year now.

“Oh he is busy with his new project. I guess he must still be on a dream beach with these hot girls accompanying him. By the way, yes I still remember you. We just talked about an year ago right?” 

Both of them could not help but chuckle.

“Oh I’m sure it’s just you. He’s crazy for you right? Anyhow, I’m a bit busy right now. I just wanted to tell you that a student of mine from the law school is coming to Mumbai to intern in a firm there. I was hoping if he can stay in your guest room till he finds a suitable room for himself there.”

“Oh I don’t think there should be any problem with that. You can just give him my contact address and I’ll also text you our address.”

“That would be just perfect. Alright then, I must go now. I have a meeting to attend. I’ll call you later okay?”

“Yeah perfect! Bye.”

“Bye Tara.”

Update: Read the third chapter by clicking here.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Made In India!

Made In India!!
  India! Seeing from any non Indian's point of view, all they know about India is.. Taj Mahal, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahatma Gandhi, SRK, country with mixed culture, and (recent trend) Narendra Modi. But only a true Indian will know the love of a very able ruler was reason behind Taj Mahal, the dedication and hardwork of a 16 year old to achieve the title of Sachin!, the struggle and various jail visits was the reason Gandhi is "Father of our Nation", the trouble of a poor guy who was in debt before he became heart throb of bollywood and most beloved SRK! , and the pains taken by an 8 year old tea vendor to become PM of India! To all who wants a glimpse of India here is a feeble attempt in showing things why India is different (and cool!)..

   Though I had many ideal topic to start with, but this undoubtedly was the most appropriate to draw attention! You would have tried Italian, French, Continental, Chinese, etc. but the variety Indian food provide can never be compared! From Rice,Idlis and dosas from south to tikkas, tandooris and lassi from north; from dhokla, fafda, dal, baati from west to gol goppas, rasgullas from east, each and every dish has a whole distinct identity of its own. It is estimated that each Indian state has an average of 200 dishes of its own origin. So if a person tries out a new Indian dish per day it would take him years to finish the task in hand (no doubt he'll be enjoying in those years). And then there's always "Maa ke haath ka khaana" which is much prefered to all the dishes compared! So to all foodies out there, this is just one of the many reasons to love India!

   Never seen, never compared, never abolished is the culture of India which is arguably the oldest culture still in practice. You can get a glimpse of it every time you step out of your house. The beautiful rangoli, the graceful dance of every community like Kathak, bharatanatyam, garba, etc. (There are 50+ regional dances in India! Each equally enjoyable to watch) , the practice of touching the feet of elders, the Solah Shringara (16 ornaments) of Indian women adorned while marrying (name all 16 if you can!) and the every ceremony of a typical "Big Fat Indian Wedding" surely no country would have such variety in culture. And festivals! Colourful Holi, bright Diwali, bonding Raksha Bandhan and what not. Though we Indians love to celebrate each and every festival, the other reason to remember the festivals is that we get the most number of holidays for it. And each festival has a very interesting story of It's origin. Those practices by many Indians, the way of celebrating festivals is another reason to love INDIA.

   Not just any industry making movie, it's much more than that. If the hero kills the villian in any other movie, in its Indian remake you would find the hero changing tbe villian's intentions through his goodness! (Imagine Voldemort crying and apoligising Harry and they end up hugging!). And the fans they do not just follow them, they pray them. And that's why you would never miss a 50 feet poster of Rajni in Chennai whenever his movie is on verge of release. Such is a craze that they would crush themselves into any crowd just for that one glimpse of their stars! So fans of other stars dare not say a word against any Indian celebrity. It's tough being a fan in India!
All those well scripted movies (few exceptions) and those evergreen songs (few exceptions again) and the love of the fans is a reason to love India.

   Unlike countries with Queens and Dukes in their history, Indian history is much interesting. Take any century or any reign of any king or minister it would be no less than a thrilling movie. From the mighty Mughal rulers like Babur, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan who reached peak in ruling and beautifying the whole India with marvelous monuments (Taj Mahal!! Thank you Mr.Shah Jahan), to Ashoka the great who turned to a non violence preacher from a fierce warrior after seeing many die in wars; from Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhi who struggled and freed India with their heroics to Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and various other minsters, lawyers, reformers who took right decisions to establish the Indian constitution everyone has a story with a hero, a villian and happy ending!
Those intentions, the bravery, the sacrifices is another reason to love India.

  Last but never the least the people who make India awesome. "Atithi Devo Bhava" a custom probably followed only here which makes outsiders feel at home in India. Many would find adorable the way Indians follow their religion. They would take pride in explaining their religion if asked. With utmost reverence Hindus will do their pooja, muslims will do their namaz and fast, christians will confess and yes all this in India! Even though India has a tag of 'developing country' the effort of saving money here is outstanding and totally different. It is only the Indians who have understood the actual meaning of "MRP (maximum retail price)" and so they would not hesitate to bargain in the middle of the market to save that last one rupee. We would crowd outside the petrol pump before12 just because the prices would hike the next day. And at restaurants most of us have habit of sorting the menu based on price rather than favourites. And like that we would save each and every rupee to meet every day expenses. Though many would find this cheap these actually help to save a lot.
These small yet useful things we do, the respect we give is surely a reason to love India.
  There are thousands of other reasons to love. List down yours and if not find one soon, coz It's worth it!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Super Humans!

A Blog daily? It is just as possible as making a resolution and actually starting to work out daily at 6, It is just as possible as reading about 6 hours a day for a week and completing the proposed syllabus! Not easy, right!? Or rather, not everyone could do it, right!?
Why not! We are living in an era where human capabilities are so developed that everyday a new 'Miracle' is developed in a part of the world. So it wouldn't be wrong to say that there already should have been discoveries or treatments discovered to enhance human traits.! But if one is really interested and supports the vision that, "Developing technology should be used in majority to enhance human traits and make oneself what is termed as Superhumans or Transhumans!" Then the best way is to follow H+!

Image Courtesy:

Not HIV+ ofcourse! Common Misconception by many. H+ is the symbol of the popular culture of "TRANSHUMANISM". The concept of H+ was boosted by FM-2030 (Cool name? Fereidoun M. Esfandiary was his birth name) By the age of 11 he travelled about 17 countries, was a teacher later and even represented Iran in 1948 Olympics in Basketball! (Perfect guy to promote such culture). With followers growing worldwide it is a religion all by itself. The eventual targets of this society is enhancing human capabilities in every possible way with the use of immense technology at hand. In other words if this futuristic ideology is successful in their goals, an averge human would have an I.Q. 10 times greater than now, would possess a physique lot stronger than that of now, would be immune and live for a very long period and developed in every manner.
   Then again question arises, if it the target is so beneficial then why aren't the government promoting it!? Because there are enough disadvantages to make everyone think twice.
As said in Dan Brown's Inferno, No doubt the technology which would give humans such a great upgrade would be costly, and this could be affordable only by rich people. So only the small society of rich people would be transhumans. And in the end we would have a new topic to discriminate, apart from 'rich,poor' 'black,white' etc there would be a 'normal,super' fight. And one of the most obvious one, all sport activities would be useless! (Try Running with Flash or weightlifting with Hulk).
So in the end it would be fine to say, "Development is best if it's gradual"

Fun Tip: If you do support H+ and want a name like Mr.FM-2030 follow this-
° Take the first letters of your first and middle name.
° Add 100 to your birth year.(The whole point of keepin 2030 was that Mr. FM-2030 had vision of making humanity developed enough to survive a 100 years) ° Combine both and you're done!
Eg- It's AB-2095 in my case.!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

To Goal Is The Goal!!

A cricket series started, no one notices. A country wins a hockey cup, no one notices. A famous author announces a new book, no one notices. A star studded movie launches it's new teaser, no one notices! Reason? There's something huge eclipsing all other things. Look around and you will know the reason.
It's no coincidence that the person in front of you has a German themed mobile case and the person on the left wearing a tshirt with Argentine flag and Messi beaming at you. It's no coincidence seeing cars with Spanish stickers and money men trying to get their resources for just one ticket to Brazil!

Image Courtesy:
Yes! It's the World Cup of National game of the world, "FootBall". The most popular game on earth! No other sport has a fanbase as huge as this. No other sport is followed in almost every country. No other sport has stadiums as jam packed as football. In no other sport you would find such unity in spectators as this. In short according to majority of the earth's population, no other sport is as fab as football. So It's clear that for one month It's vain to
*Make a resolution to study seriously. (Lol! WC might be your biggest ever distraction!)
*Make some long plans with your loved ones. (Coz it would be a hard time finding a logical excuse)
*Launch a book, or movie or anything.(As said before, no one would notice)
*Lend someone money.(In all the WC excitemeny they would even forget who you are)
*A publicity stunt. (Don't try this at Home!)
Better keep calm and Ola Ola!!

The irony is, after writing this much I'm one of those who's never seen a full football match. And when I reached the social network for help the response was tremendous. And sorry for guys whose post i have not posted. So I'll leave here and let you in the minds of guys whose minds are filled with a passionate sport

To be honest, I've been following football for about 2-3 years only, and it's already a big part of my life. Football has made me more people friendly, before football i was just a big nerd!! Talking about this world cup, I'm supporting Germany, because they have a strong midfield and i would love them to win it! Football is that one sport which can find great friends for you, and football is probably the one thing I'd give up anything else for!
Sent by Farhan Haider via twitter

Without football my life will not be worth even a bit. Football is not a job but a passion that Unites people togather. (Example are my besties). In this world cup I support Spain not because they are favourites but because of their perfect football and their patience to find that killer pass. A treat to every football fans' eyes. What I expect from them is nothing less than a win. Football is the greatest gift man has presented to himself so let us all enjoy this beautiful game. Cheers ✌
Sent by SriCharan via Whatsapp

Favourite team: Argentina
Favourite players: Messi, Aguerro, Di Maria
The above players are the reason i love the sport. Their sportsmanship, dedication towards nation and hardwork are things which make football awesome. Dribbling, passing, celebrations and the crowd are my favorite aspects. This is my short thinking about football. Hope I helped.
Sent by Raghavendar via Whatsapp.
Football is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 mins. But It's no less than a battleground for football fans. We shout, scream and do everything to humiliate the opponents. But whatever happens we fans of different teams are united by 'Football'. Though some star players are ruled out due to injury and other disciplinary actions this is gonna be the best ever football worldcup in the history. This year I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the taste of football and not support any particular team. As an Indian citizen I won't support any other country no matter how poorly they play this sport. And i hope this year world cup will produce lot of young talents and players will exceed our expectations to give us a great experience.....!!!!
Sent by Vicky via Facebook.

The awesomest game ever! Not playing though, watching football is my passion. Though from Australia the team I'm supporting this year is Italy! The most selfless team with a fighting spirit. Lead by Captain Pirlo and players like Balo!telli, I'm sure the cup is ours! And the thing I expect from this worldcup is awesomeness! Just like other world cups this one will also be packed with bumps and jumps and goals and fights and everything!
Sent by Sean Mellark via Twitter

You might agree with one and disagree with another, but there is one thing no one can deny.. "East or West Football is the best!"

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Right it Write!!

Okay! Not convincing number of votes but the result of the previous poll was clear! 95% of the people preferred books to ebooks.
Till date over 140 million books have been written. And in present times an estimate of 50000 books are written each year! And the sad part is that even if you plan to read even 1% of them you just can't read your entire lifetime.
50000 a year? Now that's a number that might inspire the budding writers. But not every person hoping to write a book gets the desired results. There can be many reasons; stuck in a plot, delaying long enough to forget the the story, rejections everywhere, no proper planning, etc. As I've just entered into writing I can't comment much on it, but here are a few basic steps which every writer turned author might suggest

Image courtesy:

Not writing book, but just writing. By writing it doesn't mean just referring anything and copying it down mindlessly, but writing on your own. Participate in every essay competition you come across, write poems at leisure, post articles online, give feedbacks in writing, tweet something of sense regularly and the best way, Blogging. Practicing will create a flow and it won't be alien when you eventually start your book. And writing in the same language as your book will reduce the mistake count to a large extent.

Just the thing you do before your exams. You gather all important and related information regarding the particular subject so that you get a general idea of what you'll be writing. It's the same in this case. Read, read and read. If writing creates a flow in writing then reading will act as a fuel here.Read as many books of the genre you're intrested in. Small or large, important or unimportant, get every possible information regarding the topic, theme or situation in your book. Prepare a base in your mind, set it well and get ready for an adventure!

Do your Homework:-
After you've prepared your mind to finally write a book, do the homework. Decide everything regarding the book which will act as a foundation. First thing is the genre. Then decide and write down (in about 2-3 lines) the basic storyline of your book. It will help you to start and end the book smoothly. Decide the protagonist and other main characters around whom your story revolves. Finally decide whether the story is author narrative or narrated by a character. Don't just decide it, write it down at one place. Writing cretes longer memories.

Approach everyone and everywhere:-
Though labelled as 'fiction' majority of the content of a book is inspired by author's personal life. The author selects his chracters, plot, events, places and many other things experienced by himself in his personal life. So the best way to find content is approach everyone and everywhere. If stuck on a character, approach someone with a great attitude or intetesting character and observe them and take interviews. You never know if your next character might be sitting next sneaking your pizza. And if stuck on where should your story revolve then, well It's a big world, find a suitable site, visit it and explain it as it is in your book. Many other things such as behaviour, events, names, etc can be taken from everything around you.

Add the right Ingredients:-
After having all your starters at the ready all you have to do is add the right ingredients and write your heart out! The ingredients, for example, are few romantic lines in a love story, a few wars in fantasy, a few curious stops in a crime thriller, a few deaths in tragedies, a few blasts in sci-fi etc! Think something different from usual starting line, "Once there lived.." and ending with, "And they lived happily ever after". And if needed you can always add your special secret ingredient, that something different which you think can prove great and very few have tried. And then just write, write and write.
Have a Date!
Not that distraction! But more of a schedule. Fix dates and deadlines for finishing a few chapters and try doing before it. Write during holidays or free time when you have nothing to study if you're a busy student and every night if you're working (writing is a great stress reliever). If planning to write the whole day fixing time might help too. But as suggested by many authors, write when you are alone and without any distraction. Never go off your schedule! Another very common factor which lags the book completion is that we forget. An idea or a plot might have popped up in your mind now which would be very much helpful after a few chapters. But you forget when the situation demands. And writing is the solution again. Write down in the diary, sticky note or even in the mobile when an idea or quote pops up. This will make the reference easier.
Pro Tip: Never Procrastinate!!

Shout out!
You've finaly completed the book! The easy part is over and the tough one starts. But before you announce the world the arrival of your book few things need to be taken care of. Firstly read and re-read your book a few times. It'll help you find loopholes or typos or any fault in the storyline. Then select a few people interested in particular genre and send copies to them for a feedback. This helps in getting a basic picture of the public's response on your book. And before you publish the book, select an attractive cover related to your book and add feedback recieved from the reviewers. Try out a few famous publishing houses and if rejected self publishing is always a good choice.You're part is done. Now the only thing to be done is sit back and take 'thank you' messages from people who are grateful for reading such an awesome book.

"The most blissful time is when you're sitting alone on rooftop in the night, enjoying the cool air, with a hot coffee mug by side and leisurely writing your first book"

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Book that lived!

   Tell a kid these days about a new book and he'll get you the author's name, book reviews, genre, and how many 'stars' the book is of worth. How? Beause of the "E" thing in his hand? In short the big question I'm trying to ask is, Has ebook service taken over physical books?

Photo Courtesy:

   Though many stats say that the book readers are more but the popularity of ebooks are steadily increasing every year. It has been the hottest topic for discussion ever since the advent of ebooks. Books are thr oldest source of reading. Or it can be said, as old as language itself (obviously excluding those cave carvings). One has to admit that ebooks covers all the disadvantages of a physical book. It saves trees, It's cheap, it's durable, It's compatible, it can be personalized, etc. But there are some reasons by which we can proudly say that it's not going to be that easy to replace books with gadgets! And even though you may not find the reasons logical compared to ebooks, they are strong enough to give a snappy reply to ebook supporters. Every book lover can understand and relate these..

  Hearing of a book release of your favorite author. You save and collect the money. And on the big day you wait for hours in the crowded book shop to snap a copy on the very first day. And finally coming home and opening the book which becomes interesting already because of the efforts taken. Ahh! That aroma. You just love the smell of a new book.
That joy an ebook can never provide.

  It's beyond midnight but you still want to read just 'one more chapter'. And before closing you fold the page or insert a bookmark personalised by you on the theme of the book. You write character names and every other thing related to book on your bookmark.
That happiness an ebook can never provide.

  You wake up late lazily on a rainy Sunday morning. You take your coffee, throw yourself on your armchair in the balcony and continue your book. Even though It's a tough job to keep a hot cup in one hand and book in another, you finish the chapter!
That amazing feeling an ebook can never provide.

  You're sitting alone in the room and reading. Oh no! You're favorite character is dying. The most touchy part is ahead. You cry and your tears fall on the book and leaves blotchy marks. And in future whenever you see the marks you're reminded of your favorite character.
That bonding between fiction and reality an ebook can never provide.

  Happy Ending! The book is over. You don't know if you are sad or happy about it. You keep recalling the incidents in the book. You recall the day you first read it and wish you can read it again with same eagerness. You just can't take the characters out of your mind. You keep your book close to you wherever you go and keep reading your favourite chapter (or the whole book) even if you have exams the next day.
That attachment with a story an ebook can never provide.

  The author of the book is in town! And again you wait in the long queue just to get an autograph on the book. He writes wishes and signs it for you. Now the book is your top attraction on your shelf and you have a trophy to show off! All of a sudden the book is ten times interesting and you start reading it again just because you feel in touch with writers by seeing his writing on the book.
That feeling of achievement an ebook can never provide

  Your friends are at your place for party. Some brag about their expensive phone and some about their latest accessories. You quietly take them to your bedroom. And then all are awed after seeing your big bookshelf stuffed with books. All envy you and you just smile knowing that the battle is won.
That feeling of pride an ebook can never provide.

  Well! That's that. Aren't these reason good enough. One must have a logical mind without imagination if he still supports ebooks. But in between this banter we can take a big plus point. As Mr.Ravi Shastri might say, "At the end of the day, reading is the real winner". Ebooks or books, but somewhere between them the habit of reading is thriving and always will.
"Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be." - Anonymous.

That was my say, have your say by voting in the poll in the web version of my homepage and reason out your views by leaving comments.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Language in Trend

   Did you know, nearly 30 million people make their first accounts in social sites like Facebook, Renren, Linkdin, Twitter, etc in one single day. So internet can make an impact on anyone's life by starting a 'trend'.
   Trend is something which can make a less known personality popular overnight, it can make a celebrity a subject of joke for nothing and It's also capable of creating 'waves'. Prevailing in internet these days are some new words which are invented by the trends.
If you're an active user and use mouthfulls of internet you surely must have come across the words used. Some might be irritating like ThIs StYle iN tReNd tHeSe dAyS or some may come out as boons. So these are a few trending words in the internet lingo.


     Photo Courtesy:

   This is one term seen a lot these days. People use it without knowing the meaning or without knowing the proper meaning. Believed to be originating from hollywood, It's an acronym with objectionable full form. It may also have been originated from those hippies with pencil cut jeans which starts way below the hip, sided caps, black glasses, and a big S hung around the neck. The usage in the internet is a word substitution for the word 'cool'. So when you have swag, you are cool who don't give a damn about anyone, wear every big brand use every short form, flirt like a pro and what not! So Yo guys! Swag!

Selfie -

   This is the word listed in 'worst words of 2012' by Selfies are photos taken by oneself using any camera held in hand. Well no need to explain this because you yourselves must have taken a few by now. Though trending now it was first taken in 1839! By a box camera ofcourse. Currently selfies are ruling the internet with its various forms like group, shirtless, self, crowded, dark, etc. Be it any contests, promotions, advertisements, prestige, selfies assists everyone. So go ahead take a phone with decent camera clarity, wear a shirt with a.funky quote, put up a funny expression and click! Youve just successfully clicked a selfie like billions others.

Acronyms -

       It all started with k, ni8, sup, ttyl and reached the next level with lol, lmao, rofl, afaik. These are internet slangs without which any conversation is incomplete. Every one must be familiar with laug out load and here are a few more:-
Rofl- Rolling on the floor laughing (Suggested in winter, may keep you warm)
BRB- Be right back (Never take it seriously, conversation has ended. Gd ni8)
AFK- Away from keyboard (Best excuse to ignore).
Yolo- You only live once (Cats and Voldemort is the exception)
   It does not end here after reaching the next level they have gone through few modifications by adding new letter each time. Lofl, Lmfao, omfg. Seriously Omfg!

Meme -
       Possibly the funniest things on internet. These are something which make internet a place for humour. They are a modern new version of comic strips. If witty, anyone can create their memes. Memes come and go out of fashion. They are generally made according to current affairs in trend. A simple joke or incident can be 10 times more funny in this way. Some popular memes trending these days are troll smileys, dolan characters( tehy aer osum! Lel), pick up jokes, movie puns, etc.

    So bye guise, brb. *Swag*

Friday, 2 May 2014


   Beautiful caring girl loves handsome, hardworking boy, society opposes then too they fight against all odds. That's a love story.
  A murder, many suspects, a hardworking officer ,and the culprit is someone who was thought to be innocent. This is a crime fiction
  Sweet family books a farm house away from city for vacation. A woman killed herself many years ago in the same house. That's horror fiction.
  Planning to read a fiction? Pick any Genre. Almost every genre have a basic storyline with ingredients which can be found around you easily.
But there's one fiction which isn't that easy to write but readers have a penchant for this. The ingredients in this are something which can never be found around you. But if added correctly you just might end up creating a masterpiece!
It's Fantasy!!
  Only people with great creative mind or thinking can be successful in this because in literally means "something from Imagination" . Ever came across something like that? No? I'll remind you..
4 kids play and hide in a wardrobe and it turns out to be an entrance to amagical land! "The Chronicles Of Narnia".
A boy orphaned and left with a lightning scar destined to defeat the murderer all by himself! "Harry Potter".
A reluctant fellow goes for a quest, to defeat a dragon, unwillingly and finds himself useful. "The Hobbit"!
A man gets shipwrecked and finds himself strangled between miniature humans, giants, and pirates. Gulliver's Travels.
Fantasy comes in many forms urban, children, high, low, dark, modern,etc. The most interesting part in this genre are it's plot and characters and creatures! Every fantasy has a different plot(everyone imagines differently). And creatures are something made out of imagination. Any one can "Invent" their own creatures. Some of the popular creatures making fantasy such a hit are..

  Photo Courtesy:-

Call them magicians or sorcerers these are most loved characters as they can do almost anything. The female counterpart is a witch( though old legends say witches are ones with dark habits). According to fairy tales they can be recognized with wizened face, long pointed hat, big cloak, with a magic wand in the hand. Authors portrays them generally as a saviour or a helper
Popular Books featuring Wizards: LOTR series, The Earthsea Saga,
Bartimaeus trilogy, Harry Potter.


Said to be the most powerful of all creatures. Derived from English and japanese mythology it has tough skin, big wings, giant body, pointed tail, sharp eyes, fire breath which is a perfect mixture of dread. On mistake in front of it and "poof!" you're ash. Tales say It's almost impossible to defeat a live dragon but the only ways are attacking his eyes or soft belly. So if you ever come across one remember old Bilbo's words , "Never laugh at a live dragon".
Popular books featuring Dragons:Jabberwocky in Through the Looking-Glass,  The Reluctant Dragon, The Hobbit.


If anyone is capable of taming a dragon then they're giants. The name itself shows that they are huge. According to folklore they are said to be found either in forests with huge trees or mountain tops. Another popular form of giants are trolls. They are generally regarded as stupid, low witted, very slow and are extremely dangerous. They move only in the night as they are cursed to be turned into stone in daylight. So next time when you go for a camping and sleep by a mountain during daytime, just think, what if it's a troll?
Popular books featuring Giants: Gullivers Travels, Jack and the bean stalk.


An exact counterpart of giants in size. Originating from Europe these are said to be devilishly mischievous. They are normaly related to hobgoblins, orcs or gnomes. They can be characterised by hooked nose, long ears and in some cases may also possess magical powers. They are said to be excellent in making swords and luxury items. They are very greedy for money though, unlike humans, they don't know what to do with it. So It's better to be careful and punctual while dealing with a goblin in money.
Popular books featuring Goblins: The princess and the goblin, The Hobbit.


Remember Dobby? Yes! That's an elf. Even they are small but unlike goblins they are portrayed to be kind and helpful. They are shown in different avatars in different books. A servant at one place a king at another. They are just and humble. Elves can be classified as pixies, leprecauns or imps. They are believed to possess remarkable magical powers.
Popular books featuring Elves: The King of Elfland's Daughter, The Silmarillion.


These are something which adds a tinge of horror in the plot. Ghost can be used in different ways in accordance to the storyline like a comon spirit or a mischevous poltergeist or a wailing banshee. As described by Prof.Severus Snape ghosts are nothing but "Imprint of a departed soul" . Though said to be creepy many books shows them as friendly and helpful. So this doesn't mean that the one sitting near you is harmless.
Books featuring Ghosts: The Harry potter series, Goosebumps.


Not the ones which roam outside your home, fantasy animals are animals which are thrilling to own. Over many fantasy books common animals with uncommon traits are used.(Yes similar to Dr.Doolittle). The most common trait is that they can talk! Giant spider, three headed dogs ,fishes that can fly, snakes with hands stronger than you, birds which are larger than modern airplains and many more. Now this. is a cool idea of a pet,right? But unfortunately you can't have them(
Popular book featuring Animals: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games.

Legendary Animals:-

If the above animals are cool then these are super cool. They originate from Greek and Roman legends. Be it strong built, half horse, half man, star gazing centaurs; or dangerous half woman, half lion, pouncing sphinx;or immortal phoenix with powers of rising from his ashes; or those magnificant one horned unicorns kept by epic kings for pride; or half human,half fish merpeoples all are legends. Their addition is what makes a book worth reading.
Popular books featuring Legendaries: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter.

These are just few of many creatures out there but lets just stop here or we might cross the boredom limit. So if you are among those who read only love stories or horror try one of these. Believe me, your thinking will never be the same.

P.S. - The books and description mentioned are written from what I've read or heard of, so sorry if I've missed a famous or common book relating to the topic.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Entry of a Bard

  How now readers! Let's straight away dive into another guessing game!
  In the morrow of 23rd April a boy was born. At the age of 18 he married a wench named Anne Hathaway!! Later he joined a theatre group for his living. He waxed up and took to writing. So was his gravity that he invented around 1700 words. He was the one who said the world is a stage. He is the one responsible for you reading all those English lessons with difficulty. And he was the one who scripted one of his most famous line. "Et tu Brute".

  Ye surely must have unvisored this lad. If not from clues, from the strange words used!  Thine guess is correct!!
It's William Shakespeare!

  Though the date of birth is not confirmed it is believed that he entered the stage on 23rd April 1564. He had a very successful writing career with 38 plays,154 sonnets, two long narrative poems and almost 1700 new words.
  Huh! Look at the change in condition these days. You write something else and it's a mistake and Shakespeare wrote something else and he invented 1700 words!! (Well of course words like eu, mah, guyzz, nd cannot be taken into account).
  Thing he was most famous for are his plays! He wrote in almost every genre like comedy, tragedy, romance, etc.
Not only plays he was very well gifted in writing sonnets in every genre. He wrote on love (To impress wenches) he wrote on tragedies, he wrote on life he just wrote what he cared!
  He was behind the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, he was behind the scene when Portia saved Antonio, he was behind when Petruchio successfully tamed the shrew.
  Traditionally celebrated on this day is also his death anniversary. So it may be true that he entered and made an exit on the same day.(Of different years)
  Though the trend these days are J.K.Rowling, Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat, Veronica Roth he is the one considered as the evergreen master of English literature!
  Some People find his works boring not because of volumnous size of the books, but becouse of his Thy, Thee, Thine, Thou,etc. But that's what is authentic and that is what is his masterstroke. His books are rich in some very different words and their usage.
And some quotes which are very much relatable even today!
  After his successful career he was elated with the title "The Bard Of The Avon".
  And guess the biggest coincidence!! Today is also the "World Books Day!". So wishes to all the bookworms out there.

  So before farebidding here's on of his many famous quotes. (Understand it if you can,this is Mr.Shakespeare for you!!)

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

Thursday, 17 April 2014

So You Think You Can English?

  And then i heard my grandson say "Let's eat grandpa!" I was in a wonder on what exactly does he mean? Cannibalism? Does he wants to eat me? Then I figured out what he actually meant "Let's eat, grandpa".
  Ha! An old story showing how a sentence can have two meanings. So what do you think? Is English difficult or simple? Let's debate!!
  Debates are something which many people eagerly awaits. All they need is a spark and they are all ready to turn on the heat. It's a platform for everyone to show off their knowledge. Whether It's a classroom debate over favourite sport or friendly banter of SRK and Salman fanatics, debates always consist of a healthy argument with logical reasoning from both the sides.
  Well, I know the debate in trend these days are BJP vs Congress vs Arite IPL team. But the debate I'm going to mention is a very common one and you must have seen in your school days in your english class. "Whether english is simple or not". Though almost every teacher or professor would say English is the easiest of all languages, students would surely disagree and keep an opposite view.
  Many views have been made by many people and everything seems to be logical. So for the sake of debating let's assume two groups. One with Scholars, teachers and the Nazis, the other of students frustrated by studying English year after year. So just pick a side and get started.

"English is a simple language", Says the teachers "Compared to
Chinese with around 50,000 alphabets or
Tamil with 247 alphabets, English has only 26. They can very easily be remembered and learning English is very benefecial. It helps a lot in life as it is considered the common language of the world. It's the second most spoken language in the world."
But then students roar and the frustration comes out.

"English is a strange language. Polish is something applied to shoes and people from Poland are also Polish. When pronounced 'to' should it be written 'two' ' to' or 'too'?. To learn English one should learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, etc, etc. To understand it further one should rub their minds and understand synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homonyms, etc, etc. And speaking English(Gentleman Style) is not that easy as one should keep in mind the stress, vowel sounds, diphthongs, pronunciation, etc, etc. And to write English one should know their spellings, full stops, commas, hyphens, semi colons, etc, etc.
To add to already crowded recipe on English there are American people eating lays and calling them "Chips" and British people eating fries and calling them "Chips". So it is understood that It's better to understand the British and American version of the language or else thet might end up in embarrassment when asked about pants."
Now after hearing both the faces which side did you find logical? Now no need to debate over this one, just drop in your views if any.
So before going a quotation for both the sides. For teachers.
"Always remember a Pineapple is neither a pine nor an apple"
And for students.
"Before saying, 'I don't know English" don't forget to add 'yet' "

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Friendly Mr.Butts

  Enough of the riffraff. Let's return to something English! And speaking of that, tomorrow (13th April) is the birthday of a genius (I think he is one) in this line. Like other giants in this field he was no famous professor of any famous college, merely an English buff, he made something which attracted people towards English. And What did he make? Clues Anyone? I'll give a few..

1.It's a game and at the same time its a book. (It contains many words!)

2. It's a 'tiled' game played by two or more players.
Got It? No? Let's have another clue

3. It require no less knowledge of spellings to emerge victorious.
Surely must've guessed It by now. Okay an easy one for slowpokes.

4. The name of the birthday boy is "Alfred Mosher Butts" ( Ok now go and Google the answer -_-)

  Yes! It's Scrabble! Alfred Mosher Butts was the one who designed the popular board game "Scrabble".
  Yeah what's so genius about this? Just a board game? One may see the simple rules and overlook the complications in it. It takes a genius to design a game without any loopholes.One cannot randomly assign points alloted for each letter or number of letters in a game.
  To decide this he tried a simple experiment at his Home. While reading the newspaper he examined the number of times each letter made appearance on the front page. Continuing so for a few days he alloted the number of letters to be included in the game (eg. Four S's). After making the complete framework he started for his quest to find the distributors and buyers.And as every masterpiece has to face a rejection (Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before It was finally published by Bloomsbury) even this was rejected by many game makers at initial stage. But finally It was approved and it turned out to be a huge success. Though the rules, title etc were changed many times the final face of the "Scrabble" is what we play today.
  So huge was the success that even now the game is bought by around 1 million people anually and mobile and social versions had doubled the craze of the game.
  Well if you haven't started playing It's never too late. And April 11th is not a bad day to start after all because It's "World Scrabble Day" (Yes!! To honour Mr.Butts). And this can be well added to the list of a previous post "Fun way to improve English" as the craze of winning the game drives everyone towards the Dictionary (Words mentioned in standard dictionary only allowed! No "Lol" "Mah" etc)! At it can also kill boredom this summer it you are thinking for a good way to pass time!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sarcasm - "The New Cool"!?

  Gone are the days when you wish someone "Good Morning" and you receive a polite "Good Morning to you too" in return. All you hear these days is "yeah it'll be and please mind your own business!"  Gone are those days when you say a joke and instead of a good laughter with everyone all you get in reply is "So funny..I forgot to laugh" Yes it's Sarcasm at its peak.
  Reason? Well there can be many and in fact there are many, but all I could think of is a few.
  One - Social influence. Social as in internet ,all those many networking sites which requires a status of 'Cool' to survive. And this has also led to the addition of a new thought in people's already super devoloped mind. And it's the thought of pretending to do what's in trend just to sound cool.
  Well there are many of these elements around. Some say they are die hard football fans without even knowing atleast 5 names of players of the team they claim to support. Some say they are true potterheads without even knowing who Peeves is. Some say they are amateur photographers without even knowing the full form of DSLR! And the list goes on and on and on. And when asked anything above they are ready to shoot you with their Sarcastic guns.

  The other possible reason for sarcasm may be their tight schedule. Yes! Just think of it..Coming from your college thinking about exams, studies, projects and other crap and your friend tells you a joke and what's your reaction? Can be the one mentioned before "Wow I just forgot to laugh,now will you please mind your own business blah blah blah" Or anything unrelated except giving it a laugh or having a light moment with your friend. Yes it can be said that the busy world has stuffed in a totally different character in you.
  The only last reason (and the most valid of all) I can think of is mindset, or attitude or ego or whatever you call it. The thinking of "Well why should I talk to him properly he can't even match me in anything" or the feelings of jealousy, high esteem, rich/poor, losers etc may make you."The Great Lord Of Sarcasm" and the effects of this title is showing sarcasm not just towards the particular person but towards your other friends, family, etc for no reason. And the bad thing about Sarcasm is that it's viral ,seeing one everyone tries to be the other. So if you can't say anything polite then remaining quite is a way better option!.

  So before ending all I could say is a pick up line I heard on WWE "Stay safe, Do not try this at Home!"