Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pieces of a Cake!

"Thanks guys .. Enjoyment a lot ..bestest day ever" And after this the one who posted this was brutally attacked by Grammar Nazis in the comment box! And just for your information the one who posted this as a status got 190/200 in English!
So what does this imply? It can be said that many people do find English taught at school boring. By memorising Essays,Author's name, Grammar exercises one may become an English topper but he may be weak when it comes to practical usage. You might have seen people speaking fluent English despite their low grades in schools. And their secret? Well they actually help themselves with some little treasures lot more useful than textbooks, and following them is just a piece of a cake! And if you are actually trying to get your usage right , I hope these will help you out.

#1- Textbooks
                 Yes I know I mentioned that teaching in schools might be boring but flip your textbook to a section marked as 'Prose'. Its a great thing for people who love movies. These are just movies in writing. With easy and simple language along with a story its a great tool for improvement of English!

#2 - Novels
         May it be science fiction or an autobiography, a love story or a classic, novels are a treat for someone looking out for language improvement. And if chosen the right book one can learn about various aspects of language like the first person (or the narrator), new words invented by author (Shakespeare rules here!), author's point of view, etc.

#3 - Movies!
         Yes! Movies! Go for a movie! An English movie with subtitles. As said by many this is one of the most effective and entertaining method to improve a language! Well i think this is why the ones who prefer movies to studies speak better English than ones who get 190/200.

#4 - Commentary
    Everyone loves watching sports. So use this fanaticism to your advantage. Listen! There is so much of English going on behind whilst you are busy cheering for a great goal or someone who just hit 6 sixes. Commentators can play a very influencing role in your improvisation. May it be old Geoff Boycott's "Corridor of uncertainty" or Jon Champion's "Coaches often say to players:
treat the ball as a friend!" Almost every famous quote by them was in English!

#5 - Magazines
             Huh! Another reading material! But this one is lot more interesting and fun. Because you have a wide choice here. There are magazines for almost every interest imaginable. Be it films,music,fashion,sports,and know what I mean ;). And even these will help you the same way! In

The above points are for those who actually want improvement (even i) and for those who wants to be an English professor without any effort then may Google help you!  -_-

P.S. - 168/200 (My English score)

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