Friday, 14 March 2014

The Peaceful Nazis!!

Oh I know what you must be thinking..A Peaceful Nazi!! Sounds like an oxymoron isn't it?? But I'm not talking about those Nazis who practiced Nazism , I'm not talking about those who did genocide, I'm not talking about those violent army regiments. But I'm talking about those who feels happy that they are about to correct someone who wrote 'tution' instead of 'tuition', I'm talking those who feel sad when they see their nation's leading media personnel write 'arguement' instead of argument,I'm talking about those  who gets an uneasy feeling every time they see a word misspelt in public. Some of you might have already guessed the Nazis I'm talking about. Yes they are the proud community of "Grammar Nazis".
First lets get familiarized with the term(for those who've never heard it)  one of the websites has inappropriately described Grammar Nazi as "Someone who believes it's
their duty to attempt to
correct any grammar or
spelling mistakes they
observe." Now does these characteristics strike any bells? I'm sure everyone must have come across someone of this nature,maybe someone commenting on your post the right spelling which you misspelt or maybe someone in your friend circle,or maybe you!(Ha! Lucky!).
And according to what I have observed, the world has labeled such people as 'irritating' 'annoying' etc. Come on now! That's not fair! Let's agree many do use short forms to communicate faster or even because of restrictions of letters on many sites and correcting them actually sounds dumb! But then there are people who see a style statement in writing 'my' as 'mah' (it's mah life!) or write 'you' as 'eue' or 'is' as 'iz'. Now let's be honest,who are more irritating! One may say they use short forms to communicate faster and then they feel that by writing 'B' instead of 'Be' would take them off their schedule . And people say these Grammar Nazis are annoying just because they corrected their 'wierd' to 'weird'. And even according to the latest stats 63% of the people on social sites misspell some common words which they use regularly.Now even after knowing this if you think Grammar Nazis are more irritating than those people who think modifying words is cool then "May Shakespeare haunt you"!
'So aftr reading mah articl it iz clear ho iz more irrtAtin!' Now that was annoying wasn't it??
P.S. - I am a Grammar Nazi!!

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  1. Exactly correct... even I'm a grammar Nazi..!!