Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Entry of a Bard

  How now readers! Let's straight away dive into another guessing game!
  In the morrow of 23rd April a boy was born. At the age of 18 he married a wench named Anne Hathaway!! Later he joined a theatre group for his living. He waxed up and took to writing. So was his gravity that he invented around 1700 words. He was the one who said the world is a stage. He is the one responsible for you reading all those English lessons with difficulty. And he was the one who scripted one of his most famous line. "Et tu Brute".

  Ye surely must have unvisored this lad. If not from clues, from the strange words used!  Thine guess is correct!!
It's William Shakespeare!

  Though the date of birth is not confirmed it is believed that he entered the stage on 23rd April 1564. He had a very successful writing career with 38 plays,154 sonnets, two long narrative poems and almost 1700 new words.
  Huh! Look at the change in condition these days. You write something else and it's a mistake and Shakespeare wrote something else and he invented 1700 words!! (Well of course words like eu, mah, guyzz, nd cannot be taken into account).
  Thing he was most famous for are his plays! He wrote in almost every genre like comedy, tragedy, romance, etc.
Not only plays he was very well gifted in writing sonnets in every genre. He wrote on love (To impress wenches) he wrote on tragedies, he wrote on life he just wrote what he cared!
  He was behind the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, he was behind the scene when Portia saved Antonio, he was behind when Petruchio successfully tamed the shrew.
  Traditionally celebrated on this day is also his death anniversary. So it may be true that he entered and made an exit on the same day.(Of different years)
  Though the trend these days are J.K.Rowling, Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat, Veronica Roth he is the one considered as the evergreen master of English literature!
  Some People find his works boring not because of volumnous size of the books, but becouse of his Thy, Thee, Thine, Thou,etc. But that's what is authentic and that is what is his masterstroke. His books are rich in some very different words and their usage.
And some quotes which are very much relatable even today!
  After his successful career he was elated with the title "The Bard Of The Avon".
  And guess the biggest coincidence!! Today is also the "World Books Day!". So wishes to all the bookworms out there.

  So before farebidding here's on of his many famous quotes. (Understand it if you can,this is Mr.Shakespeare for you!!)

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

Thursday, 17 April 2014

So You Think You Can English?

  And then i heard my grandson say "Let's eat grandpa!" I was in a wonder on what exactly does he mean? Cannibalism? Does he wants to eat me? Then I figured out what he actually meant "Let's eat, grandpa".
  Ha! An old story showing how a sentence can have two meanings. So what do you think? Is English difficult or simple? Let's debate!!
  Debates are something which many people eagerly awaits. All they need is a spark and they are all ready to turn on the heat. It's a platform for everyone to show off their knowledge. Whether It's a classroom debate over favourite sport or friendly banter of SRK and Salman fanatics, debates always consist of a healthy argument with logical reasoning from both the sides.
  Well, I know the debate in trend these days are BJP vs Congress vs Arite IPL team. But the debate I'm going to mention is a very common one and you must have seen in your school days in your english class. "Whether english is simple or not". Though almost every teacher or professor would say English is the easiest of all languages, students would surely disagree and keep an opposite view.
  Many views have been made by many people and everything seems to be logical. So for the sake of debating let's assume two groups. One with Scholars, teachers and the Nazis, the other of students frustrated by studying English year after year. So just pick a side and get started.

"English is a simple language", Says the teachers "Compared to
Chinese with around 50,000 alphabets or
Tamil with 247 alphabets, English has only 26. They can very easily be remembered and learning English is very benefecial. It helps a lot in life as it is considered the common language of the world. It's the second most spoken language in the world."
But then students roar and the frustration comes out.

"English is a strange language. Polish is something applied to shoes and people from Poland are also Polish. When pronounced 'to' should it be written 'two' ' to' or 'too'?. To learn English one should learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, etc, etc. To understand it further one should rub their minds and understand synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homonyms, etc, etc. And speaking English(Gentleman Style) is not that easy as one should keep in mind the stress, vowel sounds, diphthongs, pronunciation, etc, etc. And to write English one should know their spellings, full stops, commas, hyphens, semi colons, etc, etc.
To add to already crowded recipe on English there are American people eating lays and calling them "Chips" and British people eating fries and calling them "Chips". So it is understood that It's better to understand the British and American version of the language or else thet might end up in embarrassment when asked about pants."
Now after hearing both the faces which side did you find logical? Now no need to debate over this one, just drop in your views if any.
So before going a quotation for both the sides. For teachers.
"Always remember a Pineapple is neither a pine nor an apple"
And for students.
"Before saying, 'I don't know English" don't forget to add 'yet' "

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Friendly Mr.Butts

  Enough of the riffraff. Let's return to something English! And speaking of that, tomorrow (13th April) is the birthday of a genius (I think he is one) in this line. Like other giants in this field he was no famous professor of any famous college, merely an English buff, he made something which attracted people towards English. And What did he make? Clues Anyone? I'll give a few..

1.It's a game and at the same time its a book. (It contains many words!)

2. It's a 'tiled' game played by two or more players.
Got It? No? Let's have another clue

3. It require no less knowledge of spellings to emerge victorious.
Surely must've guessed It by now. Okay an easy one for slowpokes.

4. The name of the birthday boy is "Alfred Mosher Butts" ( Ok now go and Google the answer -_-)

  Yes! It's Scrabble! Alfred Mosher Butts was the one who designed the popular board game "Scrabble".
  Yeah what's so genius about this? Just a board game? One may see the simple rules and overlook the complications in it. It takes a genius to design a game without any loopholes.One cannot randomly assign points alloted for each letter or number of letters in a game.
  To decide this he tried a simple experiment at his Home. While reading the newspaper he examined the number of times each letter made appearance on the front page. Continuing so for a few days he alloted the number of letters to be included in the game (eg. Four S's). After making the complete framework he started for his quest to find the distributors and buyers.And as every masterpiece has to face a rejection (Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before It was finally published by Bloomsbury) even this was rejected by many game makers at initial stage. But finally It was approved and it turned out to be a huge success. Though the rules, title etc were changed many times the final face of the "Scrabble" is what we play today.
  So huge was the success that even now the game is bought by around 1 million people anually and mobile and social versions had doubled the craze of the game.
  Well if you haven't started playing It's never too late. And April 11th is not a bad day to start after all because It's "World Scrabble Day" (Yes!! To honour Mr.Butts). And this can be well added to the list of a previous post "Fun way to improve English" as the craze of winning the game drives everyone towards the Dictionary (Words mentioned in standard dictionary only allowed! No "Lol" "Mah" etc)! At it can also kill boredom this summer it you are thinking for a good way to pass time!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sarcasm - "The New Cool"!?

  Gone are the days when you wish someone "Good Morning" and you receive a polite "Good Morning to you too" in return. All you hear these days is "yeah it'll be and please mind your own business!"  Gone are those days when you say a joke and instead of a good laughter with everyone all you get in reply is "So funny..I forgot to laugh" Yes it's Sarcasm at its peak.
  Reason? Well there can be many and in fact there are many, but all I could think of is a few.
  One - Social influence. Social as in internet ,all those many networking sites which requires a status of 'Cool' to survive. And this has also led to the addition of a new thought in people's already super devoloped mind. And it's the thought of pretending to do what's in trend just to sound cool.
  Well there are many of these elements around. Some say they are die hard football fans without even knowing atleast 5 names of players of the team they claim to support. Some say they are true potterheads without even knowing who Peeves is. Some say they are amateur photographers without even knowing the full form of DSLR! And the list goes on and on and on. And when asked anything above they are ready to shoot you with their Sarcastic guns.

  The other possible reason for sarcasm may be their tight schedule. Yes! Just think of it..Coming from your college thinking about exams, studies, projects and other crap and your friend tells you a joke and what's your reaction? Can be the one mentioned before "Wow I just forgot to laugh,now will you please mind your own business blah blah blah" Or anything unrelated except giving it a laugh or having a light moment with your friend. Yes it can be said that the busy world has stuffed in a totally different character in you.
  The only last reason (and the most valid of all) I can think of is mindset, or attitude or ego or whatever you call it. The thinking of "Well why should I talk to him properly he can't even match me in anything" or the feelings of jealousy, high esteem, rich/poor, losers etc may make you."The Great Lord Of Sarcasm" and the effects of this title is showing sarcasm not just towards the particular person but towards your other friends, family, etc for no reason. And the bad thing about Sarcasm is that it's viral ,seeing one everyone tries to be the other. So if you can't say anything polite then remaining quite is a way better option!.

  So before ending all I could say is a pick up line I heard on WWE "Stay safe, Do not try this at Home!"