Saturday, 12 April 2014

Friendly Mr.Butts

  Enough of the riffraff. Let's return to something English! And speaking of that, tomorrow (13th April) is the birthday of a genius (I think he is one) in this line. Like other giants in this field he was no famous professor of any famous college, merely an English buff, he made something which attracted people towards English. And What did he make? Clues Anyone? I'll give a few..

1.It's a game and at the same time its a book. (It contains many words!)

2. It's a 'tiled' game played by two or more players.
Got It? No? Let's have another clue

3. It require no less knowledge of spellings to emerge victorious.
Surely must've guessed It by now. Okay an easy one for slowpokes.

4. The name of the birthday boy is "Alfred Mosher Butts" ( Ok now go and Google the answer -_-)

  Yes! It's Scrabble! Alfred Mosher Butts was the one who designed the popular board game "Scrabble".
  Yeah what's so genius about this? Just a board game? One may see the simple rules and overlook the complications in it. It takes a genius to design a game without any loopholes.One cannot randomly assign points alloted for each letter or number of letters in a game.
  To decide this he tried a simple experiment at his Home. While reading the newspaper he examined the number of times each letter made appearance on the front page. Continuing so for a few days he alloted the number of letters to be included in the game (eg. Four S's). After making the complete framework he started for his quest to find the distributors and buyers.And as every masterpiece has to face a rejection (Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before It was finally published by Bloomsbury) even this was rejected by many game makers at initial stage. But finally It was approved and it turned out to be a huge success. Though the rules, title etc were changed many times the final face of the "Scrabble" is what we play today.
  So huge was the success that even now the game is bought by around 1 million people anually and mobile and social versions had doubled the craze of the game.
  Well if you haven't started playing It's never too late. And April 11th is not a bad day to start after all because It's "World Scrabble Day" (Yes!! To honour Mr.Butts). And this can be well added to the list of a previous post "Fun way to improve English" as the craze of winning the game drives everyone towards the Dictionary (Words mentioned in standard dictionary only allowed! No "Lol" "Mah" etc)! At it can also kill boredom this summer it you are thinking for a good way to pass time!

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