Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sarcasm - "The New Cool"!?

  Gone are the days when you wish someone "Good Morning" and you receive a polite "Good Morning to you too" in return. All you hear these days is "yeah it'll be and please mind your own business!"  Gone are those days when you say a joke and instead of a good laughter with everyone all you get in reply is "So funny..I forgot to laugh" Yes it's Sarcasm at its peak.
  Reason? Well there can be many and in fact there are many, but all I could think of is a few.
  One - Social influence. Social as in internet ,all those many networking sites which requires a status of 'Cool' to survive. And this has also led to the addition of a new thought in people's already super devoloped mind. And it's the thought of pretending to do what's in trend just to sound cool.
  Well there are many of these elements around. Some say they are die hard football fans without even knowing atleast 5 names of players of the team they claim to support. Some say they are true potterheads without even knowing who Peeves is. Some say they are amateur photographers without even knowing the full form of DSLR! And the list goes on and on and on. And when asked anything above they are ready to shoot you with their Sarcastic guns.

  The other possible reason for sarcasm may be their tight schedule. Yes! Just think of it..Coming from your college thinking about exams, studies, projects and other crap and your friend tells you a joke and what's your reaction? Can be the one mentioned before "Wow I just forgot to laugh,now will you please mind your own business blah blah blah" Or anything unrelated except giving it a laugh or having a light moment with your friend. Yes it can be said that the busy world has stuffed in a totally different character in you.
  The only last reason (and the most valid of all) I can think of is mindset, or attitude or ego or whatever you call it. The thinking of "Well why should I talk to him properly he can't even match me in anything" or the feelings of jealousy, high esteem, rich/poor, losers etc may make you."The Great Lord Of Sarcasm" and the effects of this title is showing sarcasm not just towards the particular person but towards your other friends, family, etc for no reason. And the bad thing about Sarcasm is that it's viral ,seeing one everyone tries to be the other. So if you can't say anything polite then remaining quite is a way better option!.

  So before ending all I could say is a pick up line I heard on WWE "Stay safe, Do not try this at Home!"

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