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   Beautiful caring girl loves handsome, hardworking boy, society opposes then too they fight against all odds. That's a love story.
  A murder, many suspects, a hardworking officer ,and the culprit is someone who was thought to be innocent. This is a crime fiction
  Sweet family books a farm house away from city for vacation. A woman killed herself many years ago in the same house. That's horror fiction.
  Planning to read a fiction? Pick any Genre. Almost every genre have a basic storyline with ingredients which can be found around you easily.
But there's one fiction which isn't that easy to write but readers have a penchant for this. The ingredients in this are something which can never be found around you. But if added correctly you just might end up creating a masterpiece!
It's Fantasy!!
  Only people with great creative mind or thinking can be successful in this because in literally means "something from Imagination" . Ever came across something like that? No? I'll remind you..
4 kids play and hide in a wardrobe and it turns out to be an entrance to amagical land! "The Chronicles Of Narnia".
A boy orphaned and left with a lightning scar destined to defeat the murderer all by himself! "Harry Potter".
A reluctant fellow goes for a quest, to defeat a dragon, unwillingly and finds himself useful. "The Hobbit"!
A man gets shipwrecked and finds himself strangled between miniature humans, giants, and pirates. Gulliver's Travels.
Fantasy comes in many forms urban, children, high, low, dark, modern,etc. The most interesting part in this genre are it's plot and characters and creatures! Every fantasy has a different plot(everyone imagines differently). And creatures are something made out of imagination. Any one can "Invent" their own creatures. Some of the popular creatures making fantasy such a hit are..

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Call them magicians or sorcerers these are most loved characters as they can do almost anything. The female counterpart is a witch( though old legends say witches are ones with dark habits). According to fairy tales they can be recognized with wizened face, long pointed hat, big cloak, with a magic wand in the hand. Authors portrays them generally as a saviour or a helper
Popular Books featuring Wizards: LOTR series, The Earthsea Saga,
Bartimaeus trilogy, Harry Potter.


Said to be the most powerful of all creatures. Derived from English and japanese mythology it has tough skin, big wings, giant body, pointed tail, sharp eyes, fire breath which is a perfect mixture of dread. On mistake in front of it and "poof!" you're ash. Tales say It's almost impossible to defeat a live dragon but the only ways are attacking his eyes or soft belly. So if you ever come across one remember old Bilbo's words , "Never laugh at a live dragon".
Popular books featuring Dragons:Jabberwocky in Through the Looking-Glass,  The Reluctant Dragon, The Hobbit.


If anyone is capable of taming a dragon then they're giants. The name itself shows that they are huge. According to folklore they are said to be found either in forests with huge trees or mountain tops. Another popular form of giants are trolls. They are generally regarded as stupid, low witted, very slow and are extremely dangerous. They move only in the night as they are cursed to be turned into stone in daylight. So next time when you go for a camping and sleep by a mountain during daytime, just think, what if it's a troll?
Popular books featuring Giants: Gullivers Travels, Jack and the bean stalk.


An exact counterpart of giants in size. Originating from Europe these are said to be devilishly mischievous. They are normaly related to hobgoblins, orcs or gnomes. They can be characterised by hooked nose, long ears and in some cases may also possess magical powers. They are said to be excellent in making swords and luxury items. They are very greedy for money though, unlike humans, they don't know what to do with it. So It's better to be careful and punctual while dealing with a goblin in money.
Popular books featuring Goblins: The princess and the goblin, The Hobbit.


Remember Dobby? Yes! That's an elf. Even they are small but unlike goblins they are portrayed to be kind and helpful. They are shown in different avatars in different books. A servant at one place a king at another. They are just and humble. Elves can be classified as pixies, leprecauns or imps. They are believed to possess remarkable magical powers.
Popular books featuring Elves: The King of Elfland's Daughter, The Silmarillion.


These are something which adds a tinge of horror in the plot. Ghost can be used in different ways in accordance to the storyline like a comon spirit or a mischevous poltergeist or a wailing banshee. As described by Prof.Severus Snape ghosts are nothing but "Imprint of a departed soul" . Though said to be creepy many books shows them as friendly and helpful. So this doesn't mean that the one sitting near you is harmless.
Books featuring Ghosts: The Harry potter series, Goosebumps.


Not the ones which roam outside your home, fantasy animals are animals which are thrilling to own. Over many fantasy books common animals with uncommon traits are used.(Yes similar to Dr.Doolittle). The most common trait is that they can talk! Giant spider, three headed dogs ,fishes that can fly, snakes with hands stronger than you, birds which are larger than modern airplains and many more. Now this. is a cool idea of a pet,right? But unfortunately you can't have them(
Popular book featuring Animals: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games.

Legendary Animals:-

If the above animals are cool then these are super cool. They originate from Greek and Roman legends. Be it strong built, half horse, half man, star gazing centaurs; or dangerous half woman, half lion, pouncing sphinx;or immortal phoenix with powers of rising from his ashes; or those magnificant one horned unicorns kept by epic kings for pride; or half human,half fish merpeoples all are legends. Their addition is what makes a book worth reading.
Popular books featuring Legendaries: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter.

These are just few of many creatures out there but lets just stop here or we might cross the boredom limit. So if you are among those who read only love stories or horror try one of these. Believe me, your thinking will never be the same.

P.S. - The books and description mentioned are written from what I've read or heard of, so sorry if I've missed a famous or common book relating to the topic.

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