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Right it Write!!

Okay! Not convincing number of votes but the result of the previous poll was clear! 95% of the people preferred books to ebooks.
Till date over 140 million books have been written. And in present times an estimate of 50000 books are written each year! And the sad part is that even if you plan to read even 1% of them you just can't read them.in your entire lifetime.
50000 a year? Now that's a number that might inspire the budding writers. But not every person hoping to write a book gets the desired results. There can be many reasons; stuck in a plot, delaying long enough to forget the the story, rejections everywhere, no proper planning, etc. As I've just entered into writing I can't comment much on it, but here are a few basic steps which every writer turned author might suggest

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Not writing book, but just writing. By writing it doesn't mean just referring anything and copying it down mindlessly, but writing on your own. Participate in every essay competition you come across, write poems at leisure, post articles online, give feedbacks in writing, tweet something of sense regularly and the best way, Blogging. Practicing will create a flow and it won't be alien when you eventually start your book. And writing in the same language as your book will reduce the mistake count to a large extent.

Just the thing you do before your exams. You gather all important and related information regarding the particular subject so that you get a general idea of what you'll be writing. It's the same in this case. Read, read and read. If writing creates a flow in writing then reading will act as a fuel here.Read as many books of the genre you're intrested in. Small or large, important or unimportant, get every possible information regarding the topic, theme or situation in your book. Prepare a base in your mind, set it well and get ready for an adventure!

Do your Homework:-
After you've prepared your mind to finally write a book, do the homework. Decide everything regarding the book which will act as a foundation. First thing is the genre. Then decide and write down (in about 2-3 lines) the basic storyline of your book. It will help you to start and end the book smoothly. Decide the protagonist and other main characters around whom your story revolves. Finally decide whether the story is author narrative or narrated by a character. Don't just decide it, write it down at one place. Writing cretes longer memories.

Approach everyone and everywhere:-
Though labelled as 'fiction' majority of the content of a book is inspired by author's personal life. The author selects his chracters, plot, events, places and many other things experienced by himself in his personal life. So the best way to find content is approach everyone and everywhere. If stuck on a character, approach someone with a great attitude or intetesting character and observe them and take interviews. You never know if your next character might be sitting next to.you sneaking your pizza. And if stuck on where should your story revolve then, well It's a big world, find a suitable site, visit it and explain it as it is in your book. Many other things such as behaviour, events, names, etc can be taken from everything around you.

Add the right Ingredients:-
After having all your starters at the ready all you have to do is add the right ingredients and write your heart out! The ingredients, for example, are few romantic lines in a love story, a few wars in fantasy, a few curious stops in a crime thriller, a few deaths in tragedies, a few blasts in sci-fi etc! Think something different from usual starting line, "Once there lived.." and ending with, "And they lived happily ever after". And if needed you can always add your special secret ingredient, that something different which you think can prove great and very few have tried. And then just write, write and write.
Have a Date!
Not that distraction! But more of a schedule. Fix dates and deadlines for finishing a few chapters and try doing before it. Write during holidays or free time when you have nothing to study if you're a busy student and every night if you're working (writing is a great stress reliever). If planning to write the whole day fixing time might help too. But as suggested by many authors, write when you are alone and without any distraction. Never go off your schedule! Another very common factor which lags the book completion is that we forget. An idea or a plot might have popped up in your mind now which would be very much helpful after a few chapters. But you forget when the situation demands. And writing is the solution again. Write down in the diary, sticky note or even in the mobile when an idea or quote pops up. This will make the reference easier.
Pro Tip: Never Procrastinate!!

Shout out!
You've finaly completed the book! The easy part is over and the tough one starts. But before you announce the world the arrival of your book few things need to be taken care of. Firstly read and re-read your book a few times. It'll help you find loopholes or typos or any fault in the storyline. Then select a few people interested in particular genre and send copies to them for a feedback. This helps in getting a basic picture of the public's response on your book. And before you publish the book, select an attractive cover related to your book and add feedback recieved from the reviewers. Try out a few famous publishing houses and if rejected self publishing is always a good choice.You're part is done. Now the only thing to be done is sit back and take 'thank you' messages from people who are grateful for reading such an awesome book.

"The most blissful time is when you're sitting alone on rooftop in the night, enjoying the cool air, with a hot coffee mug by side and leisurely writing your first book"

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