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A Book that lived!

   Tell a kid these days about a new book and he'll get you the author's name, book reviews, genre, and how many 'stars' the book is of worth. How? Beause of the "E" thing in his hand? In short the big question I'm trying to ask is, Has ebook service taken over physical books?

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   Though many stats say that the book readers are more but the popularity of ebooks are steadily increasing every year. It has been the hottest topic for discussion ever since the advent of ebooks. Books are thr oldest source of reading. Or it can be said, as old as language itself (obviously excluding those cave carvings). One has to admit that ebooks covers all the disadvantages of a physical book. It saves trees, It's cheap, it's durable, It's compatible, it can be personalized, etc. But there are some reasons by which we can proudly say that it's not going to be that easy to replace books with gadgets! And even though you may not find the reasons logical compared to ebooks, they are strong enough to give a snappy reply to ebook supporters. Every book lover can understand and relate these..

  Hearing of a book release of your favorite author. You save and collect the money. And on the big day you wait for hours in the crowded book shop to snap a copy on the very first day. And finally coming home and opening the book which becomes interesting already because of the efforts taken. Ahh! That aroma. You just love the smell of a new book.
That joy an ebook can never provide.

  It's beyond midnight but you still want to read just 'one more chapter'. And before closing you fold the page or insert a bookmark personalised by you on the theme of the book. You write character names and every other thing related to book on your bookmark.
That happiness an ebook can never provide.

  You wake up late lazily on a rainy Sunday morning. You take your coffee, throw yourself on your armchair in the balcony and continue your book. Even though It's a tough job to keep a hot cup in one hand and book in another, you finish the chapter!
That amazing feeling an ebook can never provide.

  You're sitting alone in the room and reading. Oh no! You're favorite character is dying. The most touchy part is ahead. You cry and your tears fall on the book and leaves blotchy marks. And in future whenever you see the marks you're reminded of your favorite character.
That bonding between fiction and reality an ebook can never provide.

  Happy Ending! The book is over. You don't know if you are sad or happy about it. You keep recalling the incidents in the book. You recall the day you first read it and wish you can read it again with same eagerness. You just can't take the characters out of your mind. You keep your book close to you wherever you go and keep reading your favourite chapter (or the whole book) even if you have exams the next day.
That attachment with a story an ebook can never provide.

  The author of the book is in town! And again you wait in the long queue just to get an autograph on the book. He writes wishes and signs it for you. Now the book is your top attraction on your shelf and you have a trophy to show off! All of a sudden the book is ten times interesting and you start reading it again just because you feel in touch with writers by seeing his writing on the book.
That feeling of achievement an ebook can never provide

  Your friends are at your place for party. Some brag about their expensive phone and some about their latest accessories. You quietly take them to your bedroom. And then all are awed after seeing your big bookshelf stuffed with books. All envy you and you just smile knowing that the battle is won.
That feeling of pride an ebook can never provide.

  Well! That's that. Aren't these reason good enough. One must have a logical mind without imagination if he still supports ebooks. But in between this banter we can take a big plus point. As Mr.Ravi Shastri might say, "At the end of the day, reading is the real winner". Ebooks or books, but somewhere between them the habit of reading is thriving and always will.
"Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be." - Anonymous.

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