Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Language in Trend

   Did you know, nearly 30 million people make their first accounts in social sites like Facebook, Renren, Linkdin, Twitter, etc in one single day. So internet can make an impact on anyone's life by starting a 'trend'.
   Trend is something which can make a less known personality popular overnight, it can make a celebrity a subject of joke for nothing and It's also capable of creating 'waves'. Prevailing in internet these days are some new words which are invented by the trends.
If you're an active user and use mouthfulls of internet you surely must have come across the words used. Some might be irritating like ThIs StYle iN tReNd tHeSe dAyS or some may come out as boons. So these are a few trending words in the internet lingo.


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   This is one term seen a lot these days. People use it without knowing the meaning or without knowing the proper meaning. Believed to be originating from hollywood, It's an acronym with objectionable full form. It may also have been originated from those hippies with pencil cut jeans which starts way below the hip, sided caps, black glasses, and a big S hung around the neck. The usage in the internet is a word substitution for the word 'cool'. So when you have swag, you are cool who don't give a damn about anyone, wear every big brand use every short form, flirt like a pro and what not! So Yo guys! Swag!

Selfie -

   This is the word listed in 'worst words of 2012' by Selfies are photos taken by oneself using any camera held in hand. Well no need to explain this because you yourselves must have taken a few by now. Though trending now it was first taken in 1839! By a box camera ofcourse. Currently selfies are ruling the internet with its various forms like group, shirtless, self, crowded, dark, etc. Be it any contests, promotions, advertisements, prestige, selfies assists everyone. So go ahead take a phone with decent camera clarity, wear a shirt with a.funky quote, put up a funny expression and click! Youve just successfully clicked a selfie like billions others.

Acronyms -

       It all started with k, ni8, sup, ttyl and reached the next level with lol, lmao, rofl, afaik. These are internet slangs without which any conversation is incomplete. Every one must be familiar with laug out load and here are a few more:-
Rofl- Rolling on the floor laughing (Suggested in winter, may keep you warm)
BRB- Be right back (Never take it seriously, conversation has ended. Gd ni8)
AFK- Away from keyboard (Best excuse to ignore).
Yolo- You only live once (Cats and Voldemort is the exception)
   It does not end here after reaching the next level they have gone through few modifications by adding new letter each time. Lofl, Lmfao, omfg. Seriously Omfg!

Meme -
       Possibly the funniest things on internet. These are something which make internet a place for humour. They are a modern new version of comic strips. If witty, anyone can create their memes. Memes come and go out of fashion. They are generally made according to current affairs in trend. A simple joke or incident can be 10 times more funny in this way. Some popular memes trending these days are troll smileys, dolan characters( tehy aer osum! Lel), pick up jokes, movie puns, etc.

    So bye guise, brb. *Swag*

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