Tuesday, 17 June 2014

To Goal Is The Goal!!

A cricket series started, no one notices. A country wins a hockey cup, no one notices. A famous author announces a new book, no one notices. A star studded movie launches it's new teaser, no one notices! Reason? There's something huge eclipsing all other things. Look around and you will know the reason.
It's no coincidence that the person in front of you has a German themed mobile case and the person on the left wearing a tshirt with Argentine flag and Messi beaming at you. It's no coincidence seeing cars with Spanish stickers and money men trying to get their resources for just one ticket to Brazil!

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Yes! It's the World Cup of National game of the world, "FootBall". The most popular game on earth! No other sport has a fanbase as huge as this. No other sport is followed in almost every country. No other sport has stadiums as jam packed as football. In no other sport you would find such unity in spectators as this. In short according to majority of the earth's population, no other sport is as fab as football. So It's clear that for one month It's vain to
*Make a resolution to study seriously. (Lol! WC might be your biggest ever distraction!)
*Make some long plans with your loved ones. (Coz it would be a hard time finding a logical excuse)
*Launch a book, or movie or anything.(As said before, no one would notice)
*Lend someone money.(In all the WC excitemeny they would even forget who you are)
*A publicity stunt. (Don't try this at Home!)
Better keep calm and Ola Ola!!

The irony is, after writing this much I'm one of those who's never seen a full football match. And when I reached the social network for help the response was tremendous. And sorry for guys whose post i have not posted. So I'll leave here and let you in the minds of guys whose minds are filled with a passionate sport

To be honest, I've been following football for about 2-3 years only, and it's already a big part of my life. Football has made me more people friendly, before football i was just a big nerd!! Talking about this world cup, I'm supporting Germany, because they have a strong midfield and i would love them to win it! Football is that one sport which can find great friends for you, and football is probably the one thing I'd give up anything else for!
Sent by Farhan Haider via twitter

Without football my life will not be worth even a bit. Football is not a job but a passion that Unites people togather. (Example are my besties). In this world cup I support Spain not because they are favourites but because of their perfect football and their patience to find that killer pass. A treat to every football fans' eyes. What I expect from them is nothing less than a win. Football is the greatest gift man has presented to himself so let us all enjoy this beautiful game. Cheers ✌
Sent by SriCharan via Whatsapp

Favourite team: Argentina
Favourite players: Messi, Aguerro, Di Maria
The above players are the reason i love the sport. Their sportsmanship, dedication towards nation and hardwork are things which make football awesome. Dribbling, passing, celebrations and the crowd are my favorite aspects. This is my short thinking about football. Hope I helped.
Sent by Raghavendar via Whatsapp.
Football is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 mins. But It's no less than a battleground for football fans. We shout, scream and do everything to humiliate the opponents. But whatever happens we fans of different teams are united by 'Football'. Though some star players are ruled out due to injury and other disciplinary actions this is gonna be the best ever football worldcup in the history. This year I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the taste of football and not support any particular team. As an Indian citizen I won't support any other country no matter how poorly they play this sport. And i hope this year world cup will produce lot of young talents and players will exceed our expectations to give us a great experience.....!!!!
Sent by Vicky via Facebook.

The awesomest game ever! Not playing though, watching football is my passion. Though from Australia the team I'm supporting this year is Italy! The most selfless team with a fighting spirit. Lead by Captain Pirlo and players like Balo!telli, I'm sure the cup is ours! And the thing I expect from this worldcup is awesomeness! Just like other world cups this one will also be packed with bumps and jumps and goals and fights and everything!
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You might agree with one and disagree with another, but there is one thing no one can deny.. "East or West Football is the best!"

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