Thursday, 17 July 2014

Super Humans!

A Blog daily? It is just as possible as making a resolution and actually starting to work out daily at 6, It is just as possible as reading about 6 hours a day for a week and completing the proposed syllabus! Not easy, right!? Or rather, not everyone could do it, right!?
Why not! We are living in an era where human capabilities are so developed that everyday a new 'Miracle' is developed in a part of the world. So it wouldn't be wrong to say that there already should have been discoveries or treatments discovered to enhance human traits.! But if one is really interested and supports the vision that, "Developing technology should be used in majority to enhance human traits and make oneself what is termed as Superhumans or Transhumans!" Then the best way is to follow H+!

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Not HIV+ ofcourse! Common Misconception by many. H+ is the symbol of the popular culture of "TRANSHUMANISM". The concept of H+ was boosted by FM-2030 (Cool name? Fereidoun M. Esfandiary was his birth name) By the age of 11 he travelled about 17 countries, was a teacher later and even represented Iran in 1948 Olympics in Basketball! (Perfect guy to promote such culture). With followers growing worldwide it is a religion all by itself. The eventual targets of this society is enhancing human capabilities in every possible way with the use of immense technology at hand. In other words if this futuristic ideology is successful in their goals, an averge human would have an I.Q. 10 times greater than now, would possess a physique lot stronger than that of now, would be immune and live for a very long period and developed in every manner.
   Then again question arises, if it the target is so beneficial then why aren't the government promoting it!? Because there are enough disadvantages to make everyone think twice.
As said in Dan Brown's Inferno, No doubt the technology which would give humans such a great upgrade would be costly, and this could be affordable only by rich people. So only the small society of rich people would be transhumans. And in the end we would have a new topic to discriminate, apart from 'rich,poor' 'black,white' etc there would be a 'normal,super' fight. And one of the most obvious one, all sport activities would be useless! (Try Running with Flash or weightlifting with Hulk).
So in the end it would be fine to say, "Development is best if it's gradual"

Fun Tip: If you do support H+ and want a name like Mr.FM-2030 follow this-
° Take the first letters of your first and middle name.
° Add 100 to your birth year.(The whole point of keepin 2030 was that Mr. FM-2030 had vision of making humanity developed enough to survive a 100 years) ° Combine both and you're done!
Eg- It's AB-2095 in my case.!

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