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Made In India!

Made In India!!
  India! Seeing from any non Indian's point of view, all they know about India is.. Taj Mahal, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahatma Gandhi, SRK, country with mixed culture, and (recent trend) Narendra Modi. But only a true Indian will know the love of a very able ruler was reason behind Taj Mahal, the dedication and hardwork of a 16 year old to achieve the title of Sachin!, the struggle and various jail visits was the reason Gandhi is "Father of our Nation", the trouble of a poor guy who was in debt before he became heart throb of bollywood and most beloved SRK! , and the pains taken by an 8 year old tea vendor to become PM of India! To all who wants a glimpse of India here is a feeble attempt in showing things why India is different (and cool!)..

   Though I had many ideal topic to start with, but this undoubtedly was the most appropriate to draw attention! You would have tried Italian, French, Continental, Chinese, etc. but the variety Indian food provide can never be compared! From Rice,Idlis and dosas from south to tikkas, tandooris and lassi from north; from dhokla, fafda, dal, baati from west to gol goppas, rasgullas from east, each and every dish has a whole distinct identity of its own. It is estimated that each Indian state has an average of 200 dishes of its own origin. So if a person tries out a new Indian dish per day it would take him years to finish the task in hand (no doubt he'll be enjoying in those years). And then there's always "Maa ke haath ka khaana" which is much prefered to all the dishes compared! So to all foodies out there, this is just one of the many reasons to love India!

   Never seen, never compared, never abolished is the culture of India which is arguably the oldest culture still in practice. You can get a glimpse of it every time you step out of your house. The beautiful rangoli, the graceful dance of every community like Kathak, bharatanatyam, garba, etc. (There are 50+ regional dances in India! Each equally enjoyable to watch) , the practice of touching the feet of elders, the Solah Shringara (16 ornaments) of Indian women adorned while marrying (name all 16 if you can!) and the every ceremony of a typical "Big Fat Indian Wedding" surely no country would have such variety in culture. And festivals! Colourful Holi, bright Diwali, bonding Raksha Bandhan and what not. Though we Indians love to celebrate each and every festival, the other reason to remember the festivals is that we get the most number of holidays for it. And each festival has a very interesting story of It's origin. Those practices by many Indians, the way of celebrating festivals is another reason to love INDIA.

   Not just any industry making movie, it's much more than that. If the hero kills the villian in any other movie, in its Indian remake you would find the hero changing tbe villian's intentions through his goodness! (Imagine Voldemort crying and apoligising Harry and they end up hugging!). And the fans they do not just follow them, they pray them. And that's why you would never miss a 50 feet poster of Rajni in Chennai whenever his movie is on verge of release. Such is a craze that they would crush themselves into any crowd just for that one glimpse of their stars! So fans of other stars dare not say a word against any Indian celebrity. It's tough being a fan in India!
All those well scripted movies (few exceptions) and those evergreen songs (few exceptions again) and the love of the fans is a reason to love India.

   Unlike countries with Queens and Dukes in their history, Indian history is much interesting. Take any century or any reign of any king or minister it would be no less than a thrilling movie. From the mighty Mughal rulers like Babur, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan who reached peak in ruling and beautifying the whole India with marvelous monuments (Taj Mahal!! Thank you Mr.Shah Jahan), to Ashoka the great who turned to a non violence preacher from a fierce warrior after seeing many die in wars; from Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhi who struggled and freed India with their heroics to Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and various other minsters, lawyers, reformers who took right decisions to establish the Indian constitution everyone has a story with a hero, a villian and happy ending!
Those intentions, the bravery, the sacrifices is another reason to love India.

  Last but never the least the people who make India awesome. "Atithi Devo Bhava" a custom probably followed only here which makes outsiders feel at home in India. Many would find adorable the way Indians follow their religion. They would take pride in explaining their religion if asked. With utmost reverence Hindus will do their pooja, muslims will do their namaz and fast, christians will confess and yes all this in India! Even though India has a tag of 'developing country' the effort of saving money here is outstanding and totally different. It is only the Indians who have understood the actual meaning of "MRP (maximum retail price)" and so they would not hesitate to bargain in the middle of the market to save that last one rupee. We would crowd outside the petrol pump before12 just because the prices would hike the next day. And at restaurants most of us have habit of sorting the menu based on price rather than favourites. And like that we would save each and every rupee to meet every day expenses. Though many would find this cheap these actually help to save a lot.
These small yet useful things we do, the respect we give is surely a reason to love India.
  There are thousands of other reasons to love. List down yours and if not find one soon, coz It's worth it!

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