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Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 13

Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 13

Chapter XIII

Tara sank completely inside the bathtub and after what felt like a minute, raised her head out of the water. The cold water had miraculously revitalized her senses. She recalled the incidents that had happened. How Shekhar had apologized to her was a reminder of the unconditional love her husband had always showered upon her. He was grateful to find a man who could love so much. But at the other hand, he had also doubted on her, even if it was for a moment. This was a first after their marriage. He had immense trust in her and she was extremely happy about the fact.

“What has changed now?” she thought. “Why did Shekhar behave like that? Who was this Cyrus and what had he done to her happy family? Why did he say I know him? What did he want me to remember?”

The swarm of questions had left her confused. She submerged her head again in the water. From the top, she looked lifeless. Her skin was glistening with the reflections of bathroom lights inside the water. She recollected how she had felt jealous about the fact that Jennifer and Shekhar were present in the same room without anyone else, behind closed doors. A feeble smile crawled up her face. Probably Shekhar had felt the same when he found her with Cyrus. After hearing the conversation of Shekhar and Jennifer, she was sure of one thing - Jennifer had come with a purpose. Cyrus had a blog that talked something about extra-terrestrial. That stuff was way beyond her knowledge and she kept a decent distance between science and her. Their neighbor Aryan Ahuja had also been mentioned in the conversation. “What link did he have with Cyrus? Will he be able to tell something they did not know about Cyrus already?”

She wanted the answers to all of her questions immediately. Sadly that was not possible. She opened her eyes inside the clear water and brought her head up gasping for breath. It felt like she was under the water since forever. She had never been able to hold her breath for so long. The moment the air gushed inside her lungs, she felt relieved. She came out of the bath tub and stood naked in front of the life size mirror they had installed in their bathroom. “Am I really forgetting something?” she thought while admiring her beauty in the mirror. Even after all these years, she had hardly aged. She was sure, she could still sway the young guys with her beauty. Breaking her thought cloud, she wrapped a towel on her body and headed out of the room. She did not want to miss any action that was going downstairs. After all, she needed the answers as well.


It was not difficult to divert Roohi from the movie. Jennifer gave her a chocolate and she was happy to let go of the laptop but only after being promised that she will be allowed to finish the movie on the next day. What they did not know was that Roohi had read the emergency of the issue they were dealing with in Jennifer’s mind. The fact that she could not do that every time and especially with her father annoyed her. Thankfully Jenny was not in the circle of ‘Mute People’. This was a basic nomenclature she had gone through as she grew up. For her, there were two kinds of people - Mute People and Loud People. If she could read anybody’s thoughts, she marked him/her as the loud people for their thoughts are so loud that she could hear them as clearly as if they were talking to her. The circle of loud people had been proportional to her growing up so far. She was just hoping that she could read her dad soon as well.

Jennifer tucked Roohi in her bed and kissed her forehead before wishing good night. Roohi blew her a kiss with her lips spreading ear to ear. Roohi was fond of Jennifer. Her thought were always glad and positive and that’s the reason she admired her.

Jennifer came back and sat with Shekhar who was smiling without a reason.

“What?” she gestured.


“Tell me!”

“I think you will make a wonderful mother.”

“Jeez! Please don’t start again,” she said rolling her eyes. “Can we focus on the Aryan now?”

“Oh yes!” he said turning all serious instantly.

Jennifer launched another window in her laptop and started with her errands. It only took her a few seconds as the profile that was linked to the comments was an authentic profile and not a fake one. She was glad that a lot of her efforts were saved. But then it was clear that the person was not trying to safeguard himself from anybody. He was a genuine person who was just interacting on a blog. The way Shekhar was shocked had made her assume things otherwise. He clicked open her picture and turned the laptop towards Shekhar who was busy with his thought again.

He looked at the screen and appeared shocked again. “What is it Shekhar?” she asked.

“Aryan Ahuja is our Neighbor,” he replied. 

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