Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My lines on "By Lines"

It all started when I received an email from some random guy named Anmol Rawat, it said
" We are in the same team guys :) BA will announce the
character tomorrow on which we have to write." It took me a while to realize that the mails I was receiving that night were from my team mates for the competition "Game Of Blogs" for which I signed up a few days ago. After exchanging our numbers via emails we made a group in whatsapp and it was there we held our mini election and selected Anmol as our leader. Then after a big discussion and thousands of suggestions we finally decided to name our whatsapp group as "By Lines"
Then started a process of texts, posts, arguments, suggestions, opppsitions, fights, jokes, etc, etc, etc. We knew our "Alien Idea" was not a bad gamble when we reached the top 10 of the table by the end of the first round and jumped to second position in the second round. And who made it possible? These guys!

Anmol- Captain of our team! Our story starts and ends with him, literally! A perfect all-rounder I would call him! Though Deepika Padukone distracted him with HNY trailers he did write his chapters and improved chapters of others by his finishing touches! The reasons I would not write anything negative about him are-
• Even he wrote everything positive about me.
• He knows my password!!
• There is nothing negative about him.!
He was the one to post all my posts in my blog with all the necessary links and additions and made by blog look 'blog like'. He along with a three other members of the team laid the foundation of the story (Or call them 4 pillars) and also took responsibility in writing in absence of other members. Kudos!

Preethi- The "Wise"- captain of our team and the first teammate with whom i interacted. Our outline and research expert and one of the four grand masters of our team. Nothing was posted untill the post was sent to her and she scanned everything with her sharp eyes. She has kid to take care of, she wrote many crucial chapters, edited everyones chapter, did a good amount of research and yet was most active team member in our group! Hats off!! And the reason she was most valuable to us? She had seen aliens!

Paresh- Busy bee of our team. Paresh and I had much in common! We both were students, followed cricket madly, and were busy watching Champions League when others were busy writing and editing. On what I've found out about is he'd rather date Dhoni or Yuvraj instead of following movie stars!

Tina- Another busy element of the team. Her most common reply was, "Sorry guys I was travelling." Yet one of the major contributors of the team and one of the Furious four. She was a person who will agree with everything and go with the flow. Such is her passion for Hrithik that if one could get a rupee everytime one mentions 'Hrithik' she would be a billionaire real soon.

Soumyaa- Ok, don't kill me after reading this but at the beginning I thought you were a Boy! The final member of out research time and the fourth pillar. Nothing stopped her from contributing for the team even when the evil aliens organized Garba nights to distract her, she wrote during the nights! Deadline was not a problem for her as she did her posts much in advance.

Prerna- Founder of "Panda Entertainment" and our whatsapp group! Not much info about her but one thing is for sure all the team members envy her for her acquintance with people in Bollywood! Especially Deepika Padukone! She is the captain's favorite player because of her promise that, "If we get our book published, I'm calling Deepika for book launch."!

Ramanathan- The man from my home town Chennai! And I can guarantee that he's a friendly guy because he's a DGian! The most experienced man in our team! We were sure that he would be a great asset to the team when he posted in the first round. But due to some commitments he was unable to continue the rest of the journey! (Aliens behind this too!)

There were many things which I learnt by being a part of this team. Ok I'll list out a few-
• My phone does not support docx. files (Loved torturing my team members for this). And I fixed that thing in a couple of weeks.
• My net speed is awesome! I never knew 2g internet could go smoothly untill I did a 5 hours continuos research on "Anunnakis" which involved browsing, Streaming, downloading videos and what not!
• I could write! Though the only original one by me was the one written by me in round 3 which had a word count of around 1000 (I was the most surprised one)
• We are slaves!! ( Those who did not understand this point read our story!!)

P.S.- This post might contain a few typos because it wasn't edited by Anmol and Preethi!


  1. Ok..Ashutosh, here comes your first comment. It is a very sweet and jovial post. And today I understood you can create a good post from your phone too. Tell me your phone model.
    See By Lines improved your writing capabilities!

    1. Thanks a lot _/\_ Sab aapki krupaa!! And phone model? Are you sending me goodies! It's Xolo A700!

  2. hahha Ashu... really I can be the billionaire in that sense. That's a great post dude.

  3. Loved reading this post dude. That's a lot of good things said about me! Thank you :)

    I was smiling throughout this post. HNY trailer keeping me busy was an amazing punch. Typos maaf kiye ;)

    1. Thank you sir!! Ye ehsaan yaad rahega!!