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Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 23

Chapter XXIII

“Great Master, you can make yourself visible to the human in the room. He is a friend,” said Cyrus and Aryan remembered that Peacekeepers became visible to humans only if they so intended.

Cyrus moved a little back as if allowing someone to take the space in front of him and then the panel slid closed again. A turquoise blue light appeared out of nowhere and formed a human silhouette, slowly it formed human features and then the skin tone changed to one similar to that of Cyrus. The Great Master was tall, well built but had a matured body compared to Cyrus. His eyes had a unique glow and the sharp nose with deep-set eyes gave him an unearthly look.

Aryan could not believe his eyes. Till now, he had only seen such things in the movies. Although, he had been used to a lot of stuff lately, seeing this live transformation seemed nothing more than a miracle. He could not help but wonder why he chose a matured body if he could be as young as he wanted to.

“Greetings Master!” Cyrus said, in a humble voice bowing down his head. “You have no idea how pleased I am to see you here,” he added. Aryan as if in a trance proceeded with the same gesture following Cyrus.

“Greetings Omega, the Master of Peace Keepers,” he responded. His voiced seemed more mature than Cyrus and it gave birth to an unusual aura of positivity around them.

The Great Master turned his gaze towards Aryan who was already awestruck by his persona. He breached his mind to know more about Aryan.

“Since when did you start taking help from the greedy kind?” he asked Cyrus after reading his mind for a few seconds.

Cyrus could see that Aryan was a bit offended by the remark.

“Great Master, you were away and out from our reach for more than three decades. Over these years, we have seen enormous changes in the planet. There have been developments that can cause the destruction of this planet,” Cyrus said.

“What more can we expect from a race that is keen on killing themselves?” He remarked before holding Cyrus’s gaze. He quickly browsed through all the memories that Cyrus had for the past three decades. All the destructions, the wars, the exploitation of the natural resources, the extinction of organisms from the food web and the depletion of ozone layer went live in his mind’s eye as the Great Master read them. The visuals did not affect him and he remained calm. Like the other peacekeepers, he was immune to emotions.

“It was expected,” he said and then focused on the more recent events. He learnt about Shekhar and his book. He then shifted his vision on Tara. Even though Cyrus had tried his best to keep that memory in the hidden corner of his mind, he was not able to hide anything from the Great Master. At that point, the Great Master’s eyebrows narrowed and Cyrus went numb. He said nothing in that regard. Thankfully.
He shifted towards visuals of Roohi and Aryan and understood how it all was related. 
Aryan was still rooted to the same place. All of this appeared to be a dream. Just a few days ago, he had been trying to receive ET signals on his machine and now he was standing amidst two ETs. Real ones.

“Like I said already; it was expected,” The Great Master began, “While I was busy in my mediation all these years, I was also seeking for an answer. An answer that would prove to be a cure for the danger that was omnipresent. You might be relieved to hear that I have found a solution. I know how to counter the situation and how to keep the gray aliens from invading this planet. I know how to grant this race another chance so they can repent for what they have done and probably improve,” he spoke loudly as though he wanted Aryan to hear that specifically.

The news was no less than a shock for both Aryan and Cyrus. Cyrus wanted to know the truth without delaying a moment but he could not risk invading the mind of The Great Master. No one had been able to so far and that was why he had become respected as the Great Master. But even the conflict in his mind was read by The Great Master and he gestured towards them to sit and listen to his triumphant discovery.

“CFC or the Chlorofluorocarbon was invented by the human race in 1928. Simultaneously there had been a UFO sighting. The gray aliens through a successful suicide mission had transferred the knowledge of creating the CFCs that would eventually eat away the ozone layer that was a danger to them to the humans. The scrolls were planted in the hands of the scientists and the grays perished. It was purported as necessary for the industrial growth. As expected, the greedy race started using it extensively without caring for the consequences. By the time the humans realized the danger the CFCs posed to the Ozone layer, the damage was done. The gray aliens rejoiced.”

“But…,” Aryan was about say something when The Great Master waved his hand. He had read Aryan’s mind and the question was not important. Aryan went silent.

“While I was away from you, and doing my meditation, I released an astral projection of mine and sent it to travel the world. After years of research, when that astral projection assimilated into my body again, I gained knowledge about the ultimate and the only way to stop the invasion. You would not believe but it is something invented by the gray aliens themselves.”

Both Cyrus and Aryan leaned nearer to hear more about the revelation.

They were eager to hear more, like two children listening to a intriguing bed time story by their Grandma. But they decided not to intervene.

After taking a deep breath, The great master continued, “Let me take you to the ancient times. History tells us that the anunnakis were believed to dwell in Mesopotamia, the place where the Sumerian civilization had flourished. Sumerians worshipped anunnakis as their gods. They were also believed to be the keepers of the secrets of the anunnakis. While searching through the sacred undergrounds of modern day Iraq, my projection could find nothing other than the buried monuments and some peculiar stones. Some clues led the research to Egypt. The reason was the great amount of gold buried beneath the African lands.”

“But what was special about Egypt in the whole of Africa?” Cyrus and Aryan asked unanimously, voicing their doubts.

“I had heard about some enchanted minerals that were used by the Pharaos to make them stronger both mentally and physically. The coded inscription inside the hidden walls of the pyramids gave away the name - Galladium.”

Both Cyrus and Aryan let out a sigh. The eyes of the Great Master had a mischievous twinkle.

“They used the powdered form of Galladium with their breads. However, my astral projection failed to discover the extraction of the mineral. So I decided to travel to Egypt myself. I reached Egypt and researched on the inscriptions and symbols. After visiting a few ancient sites and pyramids, I realized that the extraction process was hidden in the inscriptions not as a standalone but in unison. A cult society was responsible for the inscription and they decided to hide the secret spread in several locations. It took me years to decipher the actual process.”

“So you mean you have found a way to extract Galladium?” Cyrus asked.

“Yes and I have succeeded in extracting the necessary amount that would be helpful in the current situation,” said the Great Master with an enigmatic smile.

Cyrus’s mind was still racing with questions but Aryan’s face lit up with a smile that was capable of erasing all the fears that had been running riot in his mind.

There indeed seemed to be a way out of the mess.

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