Sunday, 30 November 2014

When i tried to be a coward.

  'Five assignments on the very first day of my college, 20 days left for a mock test in my institute, outing plans from my two close friends whom I can't refuse and a job interview in a major MNC in two days.' This was the reason of my hibernation in my hostel room. I decided not to come out for a few weeks. Inspite of a busy work schedule I decided to leave my fate in the hands of destiny. 'Fortune favors the brave' I thought before taking the brave decision.
  Four days have passed and I hadn't seen sunlight. I locked myself in my room, sleeping, eating and reading. I had faith in my luck as it would never go against me. Even in the past I cleared my schooling with an above average percentage of 90s by reading only FAQs. I cracked my foundation exam by preparing for only a few weeks( It was a multiple choice paper and I was lucky that most answers I ticked were right). I hadn't bathed and grew a thick beard. If anyone saw me know they would say I was someone depressed in love or just another unemployed guy with nothing to do, but yet I had faith in my fate.
  The realization stuck me only when I was reading the final book of the sequal and the character who was portrayed as a villain in all the book turned put to be a good guy. He lost his parents, his love, and pretended to be a bad guy just so he could protect a boy. A child of the lady he loved. And on the way he was used, mistreated, misunderstood, attacked, and had to join forces whose aim was to killed the very child and yet till the death he protected the boy. Ok these problems were nothing compared to mine. And this was a series which I was fanatic about and followed everything in it which seemed good. I realized i wasn't being brave but a coward. Thus Severus Snape, a well groomed smart looking guy thought me a lesson.
  The very next day I had a bath shaved and decided to face everything without a complaint. I got selected in the interview (they even said I looked smart). It took me a few days but finally I completed all my assignments and stepped into the college (though I completely ignored the scolding I think I heard a teacher labelling me smart). I fixed a date and met all my old friends (they said I stink! Maybe that's the reason we were friends). At the end I decided not to leave my fate on my destiny and to step out and be my best with that well groomed face.

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A Missed Opportunity

  Leaving out the fact that my aunt and cousins were leaving for their home town today, it was just another boring day of my schedule. I really doubt if people who bath daily, shave very often, apply oil, powder, cream and all the cosmetics made for a man, feel comfortable. Make-ups and cosmetics were for ladies right? And here I was, bathing once in two days, not knowing what cosmetics are and beard grown like a baboon, but extremely comfortable.
  I had to wake up soon today as my aunt was leaving for her home town and I had to drive them to the station. And as usual I just got dressed and went out without a shave ( No one's coming to see me!). It was this my aunts two year old daughter I loved so much, and seeing the fact that she never cried when I held her, I can very well say she liked me too. There is one great thing about kids, they think the grown ups as a big life sized walking teddy bear they could play with. If they get fond of them they would play, laugh and cuddle with them.
  On the station I was looking forward to hold her just one final time. But as soon as i looked at her she started crying. And she never again looked at me. The train departed, an opportunity gone! It was then I realized that being rejected by a baby is lot worse that being rejected by a girl (who needs a hairy scary teddy bear). It was then I made a vow, to groom myself properly and shave on a regular basis so that next year when she returns, she does not have to say #WillYouShave and could get back her playful teddy bear again.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Free Shopping Fiesta

I'm known for this very bad habit of doing things at the deadline. Similar thing happened here. Blogadda along with Quikr announced 'Free Shopping Fiesta' as a Diwali special contest and I applied for this after almost 3 weeks. I thought the deadline was long gone and contest might have ended but then I saw the ad was still flashing on the website so I decided to give it a try. After 2 days I got a confirmation mail that I was.selected and to assist me properly I got a call from Blogadda saying Contest is well open but all I had is 4 days! (Ok so I had to get out of my bed within 4 days!). They explained me that I had to buy something worth 5000 Rs from and write blog about my experience with it and send them within 4 days. Given the less time and my lazy nature I wouldn’t have done it but as Blogadda extended the deadline only for a few selected participants I decided to go on.
The very next moment I started the whole process by downloading the Quikr mobile app. I was looking for a suitable second hand mobile of good condition as a birthday gift for my friend. At first place I was going to gift him a JBL headset but this opportunity was too good to let go. So then started a mobile phone hunt.
(What? I think a second hand mobile phone is a better gift than what he gave on my birthday! A shirt which he later wore twice -_-).
My searching process was made a lot easy by filter option on the site. Unlike other sites it had a much customized filter options. So I selected the category mobile phones, added my budget, and selected a few well known brands. The website also gives you a overview of what is on sale in popular colleges, so I added a few localities and my college and was ready for a long search mission.
I did not have luxury of time so I had to shortlist a few phones soon. Officials from Blogadda were kind enough to remind me that the time was running out. I contacted a few dealers for the purpose of details, bargaining (my birth right), and delivery. Few refused to deliver and a few I refused to buy. I contacted people of my college, my locality, my nearby localities but in vain. I enhanced my search by adding a few more areas which falls on my way to college. This is what i searched


So after contacting a  few  people I bumped into this guy named Shubham. And what I learnt after contacting him was that he was selling his 2 months old ‘almost new’ Celkon smart phone for 5200. And luckily this guy lived in an area falling on my way to college. So to check the condition of the phone I decided to meet him the next day.

Luckily it did not rain the following day and he called me up to his place. The guy seemed very helpful as he volunteered to pick me from bus stand (Selfies in the middle of a busy main road can be embarrassing). The phone he showed did justice to the description he gave me. It was almost new, Celkon a105+. 5 inch screen, 8mp camera; latest Android, all in all it was a good steal. As he mentioned in the ad ‘price negotiable’ , I did my duty of a true Indian and bargained him to 5000 by stating him that this was the limit allowed to me(ok, but I came right to his doorsteps so he had to do something in return). He was overwhelmed when I mentioned him about the contest and stated that I need to take a picture with him. As he lived alone we had took a selfie (he made me delete first 4 photos before finalizing a good one).  He offered me hot coffee and gave me a lift till the bus stand.


At home I did a full scale R&D on the phone by making a few calls, checking the camera, screen etc, etc. Product checked and no defect found! Sofinally a good looking, good working phone was in my hand, courtesy Blogadda and Quikr. In total the experience was a good one as Blogadda allowed me to participate even after the deadline was over. They ensured the if everything was ok by sending regular mails and making a few calls. And I do hope many such contests come up in future. And regarding the phone it is all set to go into my cupboard for a few days (but first let me take a selfie)  and then out to be packed in a fresh gift wrap and finally to the hands of the new owner of the phone on 3 December. And after all the searching, waiting and travelling hope he likes it. (No doubt he will it’s a 7k phone and lot better than his old nokia E5). 

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Book Review- God Is A Gamer

  There is a first time for everything, the same goes here, it is the first time i'm reading a Bitcoin novel, it's for the first time i'm reading 
Ravi Subramanian(Though heard a lot about him in the past) and it's for the first time i'm reviewing a book!!!

Book Name:- God Is A Gamer 
Author:- Ravi Subramaniyan
Genre:- Thriller 
Publisher:- Penguin Books India

About the Author
  Ravi Subramanian is an award winning author. He has written bestsellers like 'The Bankster' and 'The Incredible Banker'. He is alumnus of IIM and a banker by profession. He has almost 2 decades of experience with companies like HSBC, Citibank, ANZ Grindlays.

  First impression is the best impression and in this case it was awesome. Thank you Blogadda for the autographed copy!

Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be
and when the first few chapters takes you to New York,
Goa, Washington, Mumbai you know the journey is
going to be thrilling.

  U.S. Senator Gillian Tan is murdered in a bomb blast
of very rare manner. Special agent Scott and Tony are
appointed to look into the matter.
  Swami, the retail head of NYIB, India gets a complaint
from his neighbor that she had lost her money in an
email fraud, but when Swami looked into the problem
he found himself facing the biggest phishing scam in
the history of Indian banking.
  Josh has an appointment fixed with an old man. And
when the meeting between them is concluded Josh is
set to carry out a large scale heist in New York.
  Aditya made all necessary arrangement to launch his
latest game "Townsville" which would boost
Indiscape's reputation in the Gaming market, but then
he gets a call. His long lost son is back.
  God is a gamer is about a world of revenge,
anonymity, power and hunger for 'Bitcoins'.
The story starts with different scenarios in different
parts of the world but eventually ends in a single room. 
Each chapter ends with an inquisitive cliff-hanger
tempting the readers to read that one more chapter. 
  Where it's a story about work-dedicated 
Aditya, Sundeep and Swami who works hard and honestly to earn money, it's also a story about Josh doing all the illegal business to earn those precious virtual money. Where it's a story about a loving couple of Varun and Tanya it's also about Malvika and her affairs. This is a novel which is bound to grip you.
  "The world's first bitcoin novel", with the tag comes a
novelty, giving the readers a lot of information of things
about which they might be unaware of (Googling side
by side can be great fun). And as said before every
chapter ends with a suspense which keeps the readers
gripped till the end.

  Ending not so happy! There comes a point when
reader expects a good stretch and pages starts
thinning. There is an abrupt end and all the secrets are
revealed in a few pages. Other than that it's a finely
crafted book.

Do I Recommend? 
Why not,Go for it! You get your moneys worth just by reading a few chapters of the book! So a real steal here!

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