Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Missed Opportunity

  Leaving out the fact that my aunt and cousins were leaving for their home town today, it was just another boring day of my schedule. I really doubt if people who bath daily, shave very often, apply oil, powder, cream and all the cosmetics made for a man, feel comfortable. Make-ups and cosmetics were for ladies right? And here I was, bathing once in two days, not knowing what cosmetics are and beard grown like a baboon, but extremely comfortable.
  I had to wake up soon today as my aunt was leaving for her home town and I had to drive them to the station. And as usual I just got dressed and went out without a shave ( No one's coming to see me!). It was this my aunts two year old daughter I loved so much, and seeing the fact that she never cried when I held her, I can very well say she liked me too. There is one great thing about kids, they think the grown ups as a big life sized walking teddy bear they could play with. If they get fond of them they would play, laugh and cuddle with them.
  On the station I was looking forward to hold her just one final time. But as soon as i looked at her she started crying. And she never again looked at me. The train departed, an opportunity gone! It was then I realized that being rejected by a baby is lot worse that being rejected by a girl (who needs a hairy scary teddy bear). It was then I made a vow, to groom myself properly and shave on a regular basis so that next year when she returns, she does not have to say #WillYouShave and could get back her playful teddy bear again.

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