Thursday, 6 November 2014

Book Review- God Is A Gamer

  There is a first time for everything, the same goes here, it is the first time i'm reading a Bitcoin novel, it's for the first time i'm reading 
Ravi Subramanian(Though heard a lot about him in the past) and it's for the first time i'm reviewing a book!!!

Book Name:- God Is A Gamer 
Author:- Ravi Subramaniyan
Genre:- Thriller 
Publisher:- Penguin Books India

About the Author
  Ravi Subramanian is an award winning author. He has written bestsellers like 'The Bankster' and 'The Incredible Banker'. He is alumnus of IIM and a banker by profession. He has almost 2 decades of experience with companies like HSBC, Citibank, ANZ Grindlays.

  First impression is the best impression and in this case it was awesome. Thank you Blogadda for the autographed copy!

Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be
and when the first few chapters takes you to New York,
Goa, Washington, Mumbai you know the journey is
going to be thrilling.

  U.S. Senator Gillian Tan is murdered in a bomb blast
of very rare manner. Special agent Scott and Tony are
appointed to look into the matter.
  Swami, the retail head of NYIB, India gets a complaint
from his neighbor that she had lost her money in an
email fraud, but when Swami looked into the problem
he found himself facing the biggest phishing scam in
the history of Indian banking.
  Josh has an appointment fixed with an old man. And
when the meeting between them is concluded Josh is
set to carry out a large scale heist in New York.
  Aditya made all necessary arrangement to launch his
latest game "Townsville" which would boost
Indiscape's reputation in the Gaming market, but then
he gets a call. His long lost son is back.
  God is a gamer is about a world of revenge,
anonymity, power and hunger for 'Bitcoins'.
The story starts with different scenarios in different
parts of the world but eventually ends in a single room. 
Each chapter ends with an inquisitive cliff-hanger
tempting the readers to read that one more chapter. 
  Where it's a story about work-dedicated 
Aditya, Sundeep and Swami who works hard and honestly to earn money, it's also a story about Josh doing all the illegal business to earn those precious virtual money. Where it's a story about a loving couple of Varun and Tanya it's also about Malvika and her affairs. This is a novel which is bound to grip you.
  "The world's first bitcoin novel", with the tag comes a
novelty, giving the readers a lot of information of things
about which they might be unaware of (Googling side
by side can be great fun). And as said before every
chapter ends with a suspense which keeps the readers
gripped till the end.

  Ending not so happy! There comes a point when
reader expects a good stretch and pages starts
thinning. There is an abrupt end and all the secrets are
revealed in a few pages. Other than that it's a finely
crafted book.

Do I Recommend? 
Why not,Go for it! You get your moneys worth just by reading a few chapters of the book! So a real steal here!

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  1. I am surely gonna read this book after reading your review!