Sunday, 30 November 2014

When i tried to be a coward.

  'Five assignments on the very first day of my college, 20 days left for a mock test in my institute, outing plans from my two close friends whom I can't refuse and a job interview in a major MNC in two days.' This was the reason of my hibernation in my hostel room. I decided not to come out for a few weeks. Inspite of a busy work schedule I decided to leave my fate in the hands of destiny. 'Fortune favors the brave' I thought before taking the brave decision.
  Four days have passed and I hadn't seen sunlight. I locked myself in my room, sleeping, eating and reading. I had faith in my luck as it would never go against me. Even in the past I cleared my schooling with an above average percentage of 90s by reading only FAQs. I cracked my foundation exam by preparing for only a few weeks( It was a multiple choice paper and I was lucky that most answers I ticked were right). I hadn't bathed and grew a thick beard. If anyone saw me know they would say I was someone depressed in love or just another unemployed guy with nothing to do, but yet I had faith in my fate.
  The realization stuck me only when I was reading the final book of the sequal and the character who was portrayed as a villain in all the book turned put to be a good guy. He lost his parents, his love, and pretended to be a bad guy just so he could protect a boy. A child of the lady he loved. And on the way he was used, mistreated, misunderstood, attacked, and had to join forces whose aim was to killed the very child and yet till the death he protected the boy. Ok these problems were nothing compared to mine. And this was a series which I was fanatic about and followed everything in it which seemed good. I realized i wasn't being brave but a coward. Thus Severus Snape, a well groomed smart looking guy thought me a lesson.
  The very next day I had a bath shaved and decided to face everything without a complaint. I got selected in the interview (they even said I looked smart). It took me a few days but finally I completed all my assignments and stepped into the college (though I completely ignored the scolding I think I heard a teacher labelling me smart). I fixed a date and met all my old friends (they said I stink! Maybe that's the reason we were friends). At the end I decided not to leave my fate on my destiny and to step out and be my best with that well groomed face.

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