Thursday, 21 May 2015

Friends without a handshake!

  I had to take, what they say, 'a trip down to memory lane' when I was asked to nominate a blogger who have influenced or inspired me to take up blogging. And what I saw was a mirror! (OK that was rhetorical).
  I remember myself having want to start a blog and after some homework I patted myself on my back as I succeeded in doing so. I took an oath (Green lantern style!) to update my blog frequently and even did so for a few months. But something was missing which cruelly acted as a speed breaker to my habit of writing regularly (I was lazy but that's secondary).
  It was when BlogAdda gave me a chance to interact with other bloggers in the activity 'Game Of Blogs' that I found my moxie. They are the captain and 'wise' captain my team Mr.Anmol Rawat and Mrs.Preethi Venugopala. My feeling after connecting with them would be no different than Balin when he looked up to Thorin and said, "There is one(Two in this case) who I could follow, there
is one(Two!) I could call king."
  Interaction with Anmol started from the day-1 of the activity as he being the captain of the team had to be in a frequent touch with the team mates to check if no one's procrastinating. He reviews books and posts regarding any topic on which he thinks an enlightenment is necessary (And it's worth it!) His posts are enough to make anyone think twice in case if one is thinking otherwise! He has won many contests which is enough to show his skill in literature. Apart from writing he is very patient seeing that he would hold his nerve and reply me whenever I ask him any stupid thing (Last one being "Bhai does flipkart offers COD in case of vouchers?). Find the reason of his nomination here: Anmol Rawat

  The reason I got a chance to interact with Preethi was because we had a common favourite in genre, "Fantasy!". One good thing to learn from her is 'No matter how grown up you are never stop believing in Dragons, Unicorns, Wizards and Magic!'. Majority of her posts are related directly or indirectly to love showing the sort of person she is (you are what you write!!) It was because of her that our winning story was free from typos and grammatical errors.  A writer, artist, author, blogger and a mother and she plays every part perfectly. Any clarification regarding anything and she would be eager to help. Apart from her anthology 'The Second Life' her new book 'Without You' is set to release real soon, don't miss it! Find the reason of her nomination in the category 'creative writing' here: Preethi Venugopala

  The category of their nomination is tough to decide seeing the fact they could write extremely well in any given situation. These are the bloggers whom I've interacted with, who've influenced me and help me find my moxie in writing!
   “I’m blogging for#YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN15

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  1. I feel honored Ashu. Thank you so much for the kind words :)