Wednesday, 6 May 2015

His Post!!

  It was not until I heard him talk about his frustration towards people (like, ****!!) taunting and blaming mindlessly on India's loss in the world cup that I decided I would beg him to write something on my blog (Yes, to increase, what they say, the 'Gethuness' of my blog). He's a film critic whose suggestions on movies at seldom on the down side and has an huge crush on a few stars like Nargis Fakhri, Raj Kumar Rao, A.R.Rehman, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and many more (Did I say few??). And now over to Ravish Chaudhary

                     No, I Won't Judge!
  Not so often does my phone vibrate many times a day, unless there is some superstar's film releasing. And all it takes is a person's appearance, a cricket match (make it post-match), an actor talking about the other sportingly, even him taking it on the same note, an arrogant cunt doing a silly chauvinistic act, a person talking just rubbish about someone for the week-long debate to start.
  No wonder, this looks absolute stupidity from the neutral audience point of view and for a minority of people who seek sense. Stupid fanaticism is the problem here. Not a single ball bowled and people already start giving the verdict, not a single game played and people already start calling the campaign shit, not a single game lost and people already start sensing/hoping for a lose, the latest one - only a single run scored and people already start sending "TRUE LOVE" forwards.
People have become so narrow minded that it only takes A LOSS for their medulla oblongata to bend both ways (calls for a rough double penetration). They never bother looking at the persons point of view. How embarrassing it gets to see their fellow fans talk wrong about them and the other. How it would be so wrong to pelt stones at their houses and their girlfriend's houses for not being able to fill their big fat bellies of trust.
Not one day did the group icons change in a month time and how one game makes almost all the groups change to pictures of Anushka Sharma calling Virat Kohli captioning "Anushka Sharma you *!" Yeah, that was supposed to be the group SUBJECT for a while. A few gentleman even blazed pictures of Anuskha Sharma for she was a part of the secret strategy that the Indians couldn't get over there at SCG. Have you people ever felt a Kookaburra ball before? Have you at least felt your balls before? No right?
One person starts the conversation by blaming Kohli and the other joins in blaming Raina, both join in after a while and start blaming the entire cricket team.
I'm posting a screenshot of one of the whatsapp groups I'm associated with.

  I remain to be the only person changing group icons and subjects even before the tournament starts, who is not blaming the team/still supporting the team along with a few people who're not so big fans of this game. And just then, I get another notification (by now I have muted all the groups). I'm reminded of me losing my cool for shitty people who will never change. One guy who shares an equal interest about this game and who's NOT BLAMING THE TEAM. Hallelujah, we're two now. Two in 1.27 billion! :D

  I wonder what's wrong with people. I have long lengthy chats with people who say the ICT sucks, I argue for no reason. I don't mind if its that English football fan who calls my country men on a spectacular run ugly or out of form. Its the people who so love this game, who even take a holiday by not taking up an exam for a match that talk shit that hurts. But I have known this by now, there is no way solution to end this stupid act. It's only on an individuals choice to support the good and the bad and there I end my blog writing hoping people will change at some time.

  Yes you liked it. Catch more of him here

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