Sunday, 21 June 2015

Book Review - Without You

   So a mad crush begins to settle in a mind of a girl by mere description by others. They meet, fall in love, fall apart, fall in love again, fight and finally fall in love forever! Woah!
Preethi Venugopala's debut novel "Without You" follows Ananya in her joy, her love, her passions, her hobbies ,her disappointment and the day from where she lived 'Happily ever after'!

Book Name:- Without You
Author:- Preethi Venugopala
Genre:- Love Story
Pages:- 198
Publisher:- Write India Publishers

About the author:
   Preethi Venugopala is a Civil Engineer by education and an avid blogger and an artist by passion. She took a Masters Degree in English Literature to complete her dream of studying English literature. She has been published in two anthologies, 'The Second Life' and 'Blank Space '. An anthology ' A Little Chorus of Love' and a Sci-Fi thriller 'The Awakening' are few of her upcoming works. She is a regular contributor to many online magazines and websites. She strongly believes that storytellers are healers in the present world as they can change the outlook of people through the stories they tell.
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  Ananya, a tomboy full of life, visits Sreepuram in her vacations craving for her Grandmother's love and delicious Appam with fish curry. It is there she meets her age long crush Dr.Arjun and then starts a relationship with a never ending destiny. Just when things starts to get better, misunderstand strikes (As lethal as Thor's hammer) and an inseparable pair are forced to separate.
   After months of depression Ananya finds ways to come out of her cocoon and ends up having a dream job in Dubai. Reaching Dubai Dr.Arjun was the last man she was expecting to run into. And then unravels the surprises that destiny has in store for them.
   The author starts every chapter with handpicked quotation and is smart enough to suggest her favourite books throughout the story. The narration is simple yet influencing. And the reason behind it is I fell in love with Ananya by mere description by the author the same way she fell for Dr.Arjun (Lucky Guy!)

Do I Recommend:-
   Although not much of a love story reader, I can tell this book contains everything a good love story should consist, good characters, interesting plot, twist and turns and love! So go for it!

And yes I will rate a 10 now!

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