Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Lost Missile!

   While wearing his blue coat just before leaving his room, breaking down was the last thing he had in his mind. While dressing his iconic hair he must've looked forward to interact with people whom he thought might help him achieve his Dream. While walking towards the glittering stage (which was clearly outshined by his Wings Of Fire) he might've seen great amount of people showing up and would've been extremely happy had he managed to inspire even a single person .
   At 83 his mind was similar to an active young teenager. Just like every young science fanatic, he used to regularly check the developments made in the field and tweet if he found something exciting! Just like every young man, he had a Dream and he valued Dreams above every other thing.
   Yes, APJ Abdul Kalam, an inspiring leader, an excellent author, a respected professor and a great scientist, will be dearly missed by everyone and his departure leaves a gaping hole in hearts of many. During his lifetime he had inspired millions and his legacy would continue to inspire many more people who has a 'Dream'.
  But hey! He didn't die! He was a missile man of India. The missile has entered a whole new dimension from where its impossible to come back.
  So what are we trying to do just after his departure?
National holiday! (Entire nation not working for one whole day? 2020 is very far  what's in a day! Right?)
  Black DPs, 'R.I.P.' statuses in every last group and also trying to trend all sorts of hash tags! (Yes, he wanted himself to be trending on Facebook and Twitter!)
  In his autobiography 'Wings of Fire" he sums up all his awesome advice in a single inspiring quote,  "Take on responsibility! Work for the things you believe in. If you do not, you are surrendering your fate to others."
  So with 2020 right around the corner, let's get our lazy self out of the comfort zone and at least try to make a difference.
  Just before his departure he was standing before hundreds of youth wishing to inspire them, so let's grant him his last wish and be inspired! Let's accomplish vision 2020!!

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