Thursday, 20 August 2015

Book Review- A Minute To Death

  Three back to back suicide cases in the city puts Inspector Rohan in a big confusion ( A confusion bigger than 'were Ross and Rachel on a break?') . Not that suicides are hard to handle but what can Rohan do if all the suicides were committed in exactly the same time (different days!), exactly the same way and leaving behind exactly the same clues, Suicide maybe? 'A Minute To Death' by Ganga Bharani takes the readers side by side with inspector Rohan and his girlfriend Riya as they try to figure out if it is a murder most foul or an open-and-shut case of a routine suicide.

Book Name:- A Minute To Death
Author:- Ganga Bharani
Genre:- Thriller
Pages:- 116
Publisher:- Half Baked Beans

About the author:
  Ganga Bharani is a technical analyst for food, short film maker for fun and a writer for life. The author already has two award winning short films in her credit and a book, "Just You, Me And A Secret".
She is an avid reader and a blogger.
Check out her blog here:

  Riya, an aspiring writer needs a real time experience of a crime scene and all the investigations to create a suitable plot for her book. She did not have to look far as being a girlfriend of an inspector has its own benefits. They encounter some strange clues pointing a bit away from suicide. Midway in their investigation yet another suicide case comes in their way, and it comes with a lot of confusion and a bit of suspicion. Even this case shows marks of strange clues and the weirdest part being that they're exactly the same as the first one. After a bit of investigation, interrogation and some more investigation they bump into a book. Found on both the suicide sites. With the same note. "A Minute To Death"
  The author also portrays her skill in writing romance by showcasing the relationship of the main characters, Riya and Rohan. Apart from the thrilling investigation the love life of the couple is shown in such a way that anyone could easily mistake the plot as a love story and still praise the book.

Do I Recommend?
  A book where majority of the characters are 'avid readers' is definitely worth a read. And seeing the size of the book, it is perfect if you're looking for something to pass a few hours with a great story alongside.
  The only negatives I felt was the lack of explanation in the end where the culprit is revealed. The story ends abruptly after a very short explanation. And leaving aside a few errors it is a smooth ride and is bound to grip you until the last page of the book. So go for it!

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