Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Burning Light!

  This was supposed to be the same old Diwali. No Crackers! Not just because he was environmental benefactor or something but he was bored. And now he was bored of being bored. 
  This time he would go out of his house and celebrate Diwali. This time he would celebrate like many others and not sulk in the corner with his phone. This time he will plan a proper Diwali with his friends.
  He went to the shop and looked for the perfect item.
"Take this sir. It will go high in the sky, we have two models in this, the regular ones and premium ones"
  He selected the items he wished to burn on Diwali and also bought a whole box of matchsticks, yes rainy season and water might make it difficult to burn them.
"My rockets will easily beat you", said an enthusiastic boy with a spark in his eyes. Smiling he made the payment.
  Diwali Pooja was a regular affair. Few Diyas, the Aarti song, same old wish of being a billionaire and sweet distribution. After the Pooja he saw a bunch of kids taking their box of crackers upstairs. "Its time!" He thought.
  His mother handed him his cover of celebration with the warning of,
"Do it Safely! Its fire you're dealing with!"
With his non lexical replies he sped off to his terrace. He was a child again.
  He fought his usual fight with his friends,
"I'll do first"
"I bought them"
"But I suggested"
"But I planned it!"
"Guys I have the match sticks!"
  After the mini-war, they decided to do it together.
  Keeping it in the middle he lighted the candle. With two of his friends holding, he lit it!
They waited for it to burn.
It burned. (He wasn't going to break his rules and make unnecessary noise)
It burned. (He was still the environment saviour)
It was rising. (Diwali indeed was a festival of lights)
It rose. (Because this was a better way to celebrate Diwali than Crackers)
And the Bright red Lantern flew in the chilled night sky!

The trend is setting its foot in the country! Be the beginning and burn a Lantern for every occasions instead of crackers. Get your perfect lantern at Sky Lanterns India. (And they're only a bunch of teenagers!)

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