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Book Review - The Bestseller She Wrote

*Spoilers Alert*
  When the book trailer was out it looked all colourful and happy, depicting a cute love story between an author and a girl he meets, who he helps by writing a bestseller.
But Bam! Not that simple.
  As you progress things starts getting complicated and dark showing the consequences of when you're stuck at the wrong side of psychopath. But hey everything works out well, and there is a Happy Ending. 
 Basically this book is written by a bestselling author in which another bestselling author helps a newbie author to be a bestselling author. Let's open "The Bestseller She Wrote"

Book Name:- The Bestseller She Wrote
Author:- Ravi Subramanian
Pages:- 391
Publisher:- Westland Ltd.

About the Author
Ravi Subramanian is an award winning author. He has
written bestsellers like 'The Bankster', 'The Incredible
Banker' and God is a Gamer. He is alumnus of IIM and a banker by profession. He
has almost 2 decades of experience with companies like
HSBC, Citibank, ANZ Grindlays.

  The story starts when a celebrity bestselling author, Aditya Kapoor is invited at IIM Bangalore to deliver a lecture about his success as a writer. And when he was least expecting it, he was rudely interrupted by a girl and that's when everything started. Ambitious, open minded and beautiful, Shreya Kaushik always dreamt of being a writer of Aditya's stature. She manages to make Aditya fall in love with her and convinces him to help her to take her book to the Bestseller mark. 
  Yes and I haven't mentioned this before and nor did the trailer but Aditya is already married, has a kid and is totally in love with his wife, Maya! (Told you it was complicated).
  And to people who have read this book, does the character Aditya Kapoor's achievements remind you of someone? Wrote a few books. Two of them already made into a movies. Latest one have had the movie rights taken at the time of the launch. And is also approached to judge a famous dance show! ( I see what you did there) No? OK. Let's move on.
  Hell breaks loose when Maya finds out about Shreya and gets infected by Ebola at the same time! Meanwhile Aditya decides to break up with Shreya and patch up with Maya at the same time. (Risky gamble! What if Maya had died!) And then Aditya finds out the real intentions of Shreya and gets a divorce notice from Maya at the same time! (Complicated!)
  While Aditya tries to woo Maya back, Shreya decides to take revenge by humiliating Aditya by showing him the bad guy in newspapers, black mailing him of sexual harassment and setting him up for plagiarism.
  To take her head on he assembles a team consisting Sunaina;Shreya's best friend, Sanjay; Aditya's best friend and Diana; Sanjay's love interest. BTW Diana is a lady Aditya disliked at first but not now.(This guy has got one of the most unbalanced minds)
  Just when the book starts thinning Aditya pulls off a Byomkesh Bakshi and drops a bomb that the real culprit was his old buddy Sanjay all the way. (Yet another addition! Liked before but not now!) Sanjay plotted this for personal revenge and Shreya to meet his personal ends. Maya realizes Aditya's love towards her and they both live happily ever after.

Do I Recommend?
  Seldom I would say something positive about love stories, but this had a tinge of mystery (which I realized in the last few chapters). So Non-Love storiers can definitely finish this without getting disappointed. And yes it also shows some basic tips to market a book, so, yay!

  A bit too much of pages were extended for Shreya-Aditya relationship and too less for Aditya-Maya. Up until the turning point no one could say that Aditya did have strong feelings towards his family.

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