Friday, 5 February 2016

Book Review - Ramayana, The Game Of Life - Stolen Hopes

Book Name:- Ramayana, The Game Of Life – Stolen Hope
Author:- Shubha Vilas
Genre:- Religious
Publisher:- Jaico Books

Thirteen years have passed since Rama left Ayodhya and things are about to get nasty. Third edition of Game Of Life journeys through the age old epic in a way to keep the new generations gripped. With the world renowned antagonist finally coming into the picture, it's up to Rama to fulfill his oath and kill the demon king, Ravana while he tries to steal his wife, steal his peace, steal his Hope.

About The Author
Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with specialization in Patent Law. He periodically interacts with the
youth in the premier institutes across the country, inspiring them to live a life based on deeper human values. He believes that a good teacher, no matter how knowledgeable, always sees the process of learning as an inherent
aspect of personal and spiritual growth.

Fourteen years of exile was almost coming to an end with only a year left and Rama was on a quest to meet all the world renowned Sages, the most iconic one being Agasthya! Not long after the meeting with the great sage the 'Surpanakha Episode' begins which ends with the death of Khara, brother of the demon king Ravana. To seek revenge on Rama and also blinded by the beauty of Sita, Ravana decides to abduct her. He seeks help of his uncle Maricha living in the same forest to lure Rama and Laxmana away from Sita so abduction would be carried out smoothly. After an intense fight with Jatayu Ravana successfully manages to bring Sita to Lanka, his abode and personally shows her all the worldly wealth and glory she could achieve if she marries him. Following which Ravana adds one more curse from a woman to his fate that he would die in the hands of an ordinary man. Jatayu conveys the message of Sita's abduction to Rama before dying. And the book ends in a cliffhanger with Rama looking for Sugriva(are they monkeys?) who is supposed to be the only person who could help Rama to find Sita.
The book is complete with metaphors perfectly describing Rama, Sita and every event taking place between them. The narration is pure, simple and flawless. Footnotes mentioned in almost every page of the book gives the bigger picture of the words and phrases which seldom includes interesting tales.

Do I Recommend
If you have already read the previous version there is no way you'll miss the sequel. And those of you who haven't, you might just want to consider your options. You might be thinking you know the entire epic, having seen in various movies and TV shows. But remember book is always the better option (Cliché). The little tales and anecdotes mentioned in the books would bring you back to reality.
So go for it!

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